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BTS - “Butter” + 10th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by An Insider, Apr 13, 2021.

  1. I must say I hate how whitewashed they look in these pictures but I’m putting it down to the intense flash. At least they still look good.

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  2. From what I can see, Taehyung was always good looking, but his glo up was real. I think besides puberty, their styling has gotten 100000% better, too.
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  3. The way he literally grew into his ears. Cute!
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  5. Legends! This is their first Rolling Stone cover, isn’t it? Watch it be a bestselling issue. I wish they went a lot more daring with these shoots, though, even though they all look so good.

    They didn’t really say anything new about the single, but said it’s a very Bruno Mars, retro affair.

    Jin also touched on enlistment a bit, but was vague about it, even though I think them enlisting at the same time is the perfect idea.

  6. Yup, they made history!
  7. Rolling Stone did them dirty with that cover.
  8. I think the cover is fine? The shoot is nice too I think they're styled well.

  9. It’s pretty, but I wish they served something more unique. But, one of these Yoongi photos will be my new avatar and lockscreen anyway so I’m a clown.
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  10. I don’t know but if you look at past Rolling Stone covers they’re hardly all that original either.

    Anyways another teaser is coming soon!
  11. I found a bit strange that some of them look surprised, some just full on serious. Some looking right, some looking to the camera.. it's a bit of a mess. They do look good though. The styling is great. Love Kookie's hair in this.

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  13. From Namjoon learning English from watching Friends to this. A full circle moment.
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  14. Ugh, he is so rude.

    The other boys are serving as well, I think this will be an underrated shoot.

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  15. Their next single is going to #1 in the US no?
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  16. I’m it will. After Dynamite debuting at #1 there will be more hype for this one.
  17. Let’s not jinx it though, besties and more importantly prayer circle that it’s a quality bop!

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  18. I thought this was cool.
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  19. Some HYBE Museum stuff is leaking and I thought this was gorgeous

    Can’t wait to see it when I go to Korea!
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