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BTS - “Butter” + 10th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by An Insider, Apr 13, 2021.

  1. Really cool that they are doing these individual spotlights.
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  2. So, who do we think is “faster” and “slower”? From what I’ve seen, Taehyung can be a handful ddd while Hobi’s the one everyone gets along with. I wonder who can be the most intense while working, and it’s great they manage to seem close in spite of their differences in personalities.
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  3. I'd say Yoongi and Namjoon could probably be a bit more "slow" and introverted. Jin too, maybe? Hobi and Jungkook are definitely the fast ones, and I think Tae could be too.

    And I agree, they work really well as a team despite being so different from each other.
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  4. This is really cool
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  5. The production team really snapped with this one! Was this behind the scenes of a live performance or is it entirely new?
  6. Seems it was shot especially for the exhibition at HYBE.
  7. It looks like 'hologram' technology of some sort.
  8. This is a little off-topic, but there's an ARMY project happening to raise money for families in Palestine:

    I just made a donation, and I thought some people here may want to join in too. Our fandom can be a bit much sometimes, but I'm always so happy when we use our "power" for good.
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  9. Whew, what a dream boat. The long hair suits him so much.
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  10. These are a bit... miss for me dddd but good for them trying something new! And a little more skin *takes crumbs*

    Namjoon can strangle me with those thighs
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  11. I’m sorry but they ate. Outfits are giving me late 80s early 90s vibes. This song better deliver I swear!
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  12. Jimin and Namjoon look great in these second photos. Hobi's is nice too. The others don't really do much for me but good god, its just nice to see them in something other than a bland suit!
  13. Yeah I actually love the outfits! The only negatives for me are J-Hope and Kook's hair colours.
  14. Looks like we aren’t getting Tae’s mixtape anytime soon.

  15. Namjoon back to participating in the lyrics and production? This is a good sign. Also this means they’ll perform on music shows again if we’re getting this info.
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  16. RM's is actually the first of the individual covers I like. I can't belive when I first got into them I found him a bit weird but now I'm obsessed with him. A gorgeous man.
    Also, teaser in a couple hours. So hyped!
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  17. His interview was really good. He’s so well spoken.
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