BTS - General Discussion

I said this in the Charlie thread, but they should release new remixes so it gets a second life on streaming/sales. It’s slowly being embraced by pop radio.
I hope at least one of the albums is by someone in the vocal line!

I’d take this with a grain of salt as these financial reports are often just a prediction. I remember them saying something about a BTS world tour earlier this year as well. Also two albums with three months of left of the years seems to be cutting it close. I doubt they’d want two members to be in high competition with each other. I definitely think RM3 is coming this year though!
The rap line always seem to be a bit more productive than the maknae line, bless them.

Jungkook, Tae and Jimin are forever saying “I’m working on a song”
They’re finally releasing vinyls.

Love Yourself: Her pre-order starts tomorrow.

They got me gal. I wonder why not just do a big triple disc for “Answer”, though? If they are doing them all separately I think I will just get “Tear” as it’s my favorite one and it has the nicest artwork.