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BTS - Map Of The Soul 7

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Superloves, Jan 29, 2019.

  1. Where exactly is Sia on that bonus track? I only hear her a little near the end but that is it haha!

    On first listen most tracks sound a bit generic and kind of samey. I like it for the most part though, it is similar to the stuff they did of Answer and its a cohesive album but maybe its just a bit too safe - there is too little rap and more pop. Of course I haven't found the time to read the translation of the lyrics, I am sure they still pushing their positive messages across.

  2. 00:00, Inner Child and We are Bulletproof: the Eternal are my favourites of the new tracks on the first listen.
  3. Wow, 00:00 already sounds like a classic.
    Louder Than Bombs chorus definitely shows the Allie X touch, I love it.

    Kookie looks and sounds insanely good in this. COME ON BELTING!
    I just wish they’d tone down the auto tune a bit. It can get distracting.

    If this is just a choreography video, I can’t even imagine what they have in store for the official MV.
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  4. On (without Sia), My Time and UGH and Respect are my favourites. The mixing with Sia sounds so bad you could barely hear her. Overall I really enjoyed the album the performance video is insane the
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  5. I’m usually all for autotune (I stan Charli after all) but I just feel like it doesn’t fit for this song, not for the singing members at least.
  6. I know right? I honestly think I didn't even hear her apart from that 10 seconds. What a waste of featuring, at least you could hear Halsey on the album and Nicki had her own verse but this is just ridiculous. I really like Filter.

    By the way, since they added the songs from Persona, it is again weird they cut out songs, there is no Microkosmos and Home.
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  7. The album is mediocre which is worse than being a bad album because if it was bad I could at least ironically stan. The intentions are there but it’s all poorly executed.

    Rap line songs are the only ones that are genuinely great and I’m all for pretending Black Swan is actually the title. ON made me like Boy With Luv even more and it even made me like Idol.

    Genuinely hoping they enlist and get a two years break so they can eventually comeback with something of higher quality than this.
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  8. It's a bit of a weird situation. BigHit said in a statement that today's MV is the official one. But then on the comeback map it says the official MV comes out on Feb 28. I honestly have no idea what that's about.

    I have to admit that I didn't care for 'ON' much at first, but it's been stuck in my head for an hour now and I'm starting to really like it. I do agree that I wish they had held back on the autotune a bit.

    'We are Bulletproof: the Eternal' is perfect.
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  9. Yeah same and listening to On again I get what you mean.
  10. This album reminded me why I don't check out or stan for them's just okay and playing it safe, ON is not good.

    I'm not gonna deny Black Swan still knocks and I can see My Time and 00:00 (Zero O'clock) being on repeat for a while.
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  11. I really like "ON," oop. And that dance video?!
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  12. Liking the Sia version of "ON" more. Like much more.
  13. I didn’t like Sia’s version at all, this is one of the only tracks where I think she sounds bad (maybe it’s the mixing like someone said already). I prefer the OT7 one.

    The album is samey but I enjoyed it very much, I loved rapline’s songs and Friends made me a lil emotional not gonna lie.
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  14. Curious to know why?
  15. Whatever it is that Sia brings to the vocal table adds a nice, dynamic dimension to the vocal mix.
  16. "My Time" is so sweet. Definitely a highlight.
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  17. Rapline songs remain the best things on their albums, especially UGH! Special mention to My Time and Filter though, they both have some really good hooks and some of the best on the album. Everything else is quite meh for me. But to "ON"'s credit, it isn't as bad as BWL.
  18. This acronym better not mean Boy With Luv.
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  19. Jungkook is full of so much charisma in My Time I love it. I can’t stop playing that and UGH!
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  20. Nn why do I feel like ON's militaristic theme / marching sound hints at them enlisting?
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