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BTS - Map Of The Soul 7

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Superloves, Jan 29, 2019.

  1. This is SO fire!
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  2. Uuh, I like this, it sounds like they are getting back to their roots. I actually prefer their earlier works with dominant hip hop and RnB tracks, Love Yourself sounded a bit more commercial to me. They might do both, like a nice mix of the two.
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  3. On the cover of Entertainment Weekly!

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  4. I just feel like I needed to vent in here because the kpop thread is giving me a headache. People are really “cancelling” Sunmi, literally a member of Wonder Girls who was one of the groups to first perform in America, because she said that BTS paved the way for other kpop groups to venture into the western market and she wasn’t wrong? Yes there were kpop groups before them that have performed on American stages and props to them for doing so but compared they did not have the impact that BTS are having right now. It’s frustrating to see how kpop fans’ hatred towards BTS clouds their judgment. They can’t stand to see them get recognition so will do everything in their power to deny their success. Countless idols have given praise to them in helping them open the doors for them and for the industry worldwide it’s not even an insult the facts are all there. And the worst part of it is that the boys themselves don’t even do anything to warrant this much hate. Anyway I just thought I’d put it out there it doesn’t really matter in the meantime they’re still winning but the snarky comments from kpop fans are frustrating to see.
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  5. When I first discovered BTS I was shocked at how much hate they received from a lot of K-pop fans. It made me reluctant to dive further into K-pop. It was awful to see how Sunmi was treated because of the credit she gave to BTS. I don't think I'll ever fully understand the K-pop world. I try to just stay in my own little corner and keep away from all the drama.

    Anyways, here is another part of the EW interview:
  6. Nobody cancelled her
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  7. People were saying they were unstanning her it was all over twitter too. Whether people are joking or not it still goes to show that people were giving her shit for stating a fact.
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  8. I really like their videos and the way he described Persona - Ego - Shadow is hilarious - Danny says don't pee haha!

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  9. I was talking to my parents about how I discovered BTS after seeing the 'bad lip reading' video, and my dad said "oh, I was thinking about them when I was in bed the other day". Not what I was expecting to hear!
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  10. The concept photos of the first two versions of the album have been released:

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  11. Concept photos for versions 3 & 4:

  12. I love seeing them next to big names they’re really competing against the greats.
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  13. They've sure come a long way.
  14. @Superloves the main KPop thread isn’t for everyone. The folks that I remember are harmless for the most part. The best thing for you to do is post where you feel comfortable. I post elsewhere with regards to certain issues with the genre (cultural appropriation, colourism and racism). As KPop listeners are still in denial over the genre being a massive glitter bomb of cultural appropriation. Despite industry executives going on record to state that they used Motown’s blueprint to create their pop factory.

    Koreans are consuming Western popular culture (ex: knowledgeable over Nicki vs Cardi) just like their Japanese peers…. Thus, to dismiss comments such as “pretty for a black girl”, blackface or dropping the N word as mistranslation or naïve Korean(s) is utterly ridiculous and insulting. They’re quick to demean ‘blackness’ and yet equally quick to mimic in order to turn a profit.


    Most of BTS’ detractors are from the 2nd generation and/or girl group fans. The former was used against them as means to undermine their ground-breaking success in America and some only appreciate ‘noise pop’ from girls. Each to their own.

    Saying all that, BTS’ recent outputs are dreadful. Mic Drop, DNA, Fake Love and Idol might be one of the worst single runs in KPop history. Love Yourself trilogy is hands down their worst series. They truly peaked with The Most Beautiful Moment In Life PT. 2 which remains their best album to date.
  15. I’ve only posted on that thread once but I do look at it time to time. I thought this post was making points but I’m gonna have to disagree on your last point. Saying that their recent music is dreadful is a bit unfair on their artistic growth in my opinion. They’re always experimenting with sound which is always exciting as a fan and their Love Yourself series was very enjoyable to me as well as a lot of people but that’s your opinion I guess. Saying it was some of the worst in history sounds very biased. The only misstep I would say was Idol. Don’t get me wrong The HYYH era is probably one of my top three releases from them and some of my favourite songs from them are from that era. It seems to be a popular opinion amongst kpop fans to say they peaked with that era and haven’t released anything good since but I can’t agree. It might not have been your cup of tea but it brought in a huge influx of new fans for them including myself. In regards to your other points about culture appropriation I am glad that you pointed that out and also a lot of girl group stans do have this blind sighted hate towards them which I don’t get but each to their own.
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  16. IDOL is what got me properly into them. Still to this day I am obsessed with it.
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  17. This thread being kicked out of Pop & Justice... brutal.
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  18. I was actually shocked that it was on the main forum to begin with to be honest I nearly made it on the kpop forum but the first two threads were on the main one ddd
  19. ...But BTS isn't K-Pop! [/ARMY]
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  20. The first person who opened the BTS thread in the main part of the forum hadn't posted here before, I don't think they even knew there was a special section for K-pop. It doesn't really matter to me where the thread is.

    About their title tracks, I kind of have to agree that their latest singles haven't been my favourites, but I think the albums themselves have only gotten better. Love Yourself: Tear is my favourite BTS album along with Young Forever.
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