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BTS - Map Of The Soul 7

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Superloves, Jan 29, 2019.

  1. I like it too. It reminds me slightly of '1999' by Charli XCX! V looks lovely.
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  2. I don't know why they did Mic Drop on SNL but I loved the performance of Boy With Luv. I think it's their best shot at getting some radio play.
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  3. They're also performing at the Billboard Music Awards with Halsey!
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  4. They killed it. I love the live band I hope they have them at the BBMAs. Jungkook’s adlibs at the end we’re a nice touch. They got a lot of good reviews too!
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  5. It's so cool to see my local Sainsbury's with a stand for a K-Pop act.
  6. They were excellent on SNL! So many new/curious people were praising them.

    BWL is off to an amazing start at radio: #37 already in two days!

    And I love the album. It's short, diverse and impressive. I agree with the general sentiment that HOME is in a league of its own. BWL is the perfect summer single.

    I'm guessing Shadow is going to lean darker and more urban/R&B a la Tear (just a prediction!)
  7. 6005125E-AC36-4F49-A37C-7007468326A7.jpeg First PAK of 2019
  8. They are number 1 on the album chart in the UK and Boy With Luv is at 8 in the singles chart in the mid-weeks today. What an incredible result for them.
  9. That's amazing! And just a few months before they perform at a sold out Wembley Stadium twice. What a year this is for them.
  10. It’s a shame the song goes nowhere. I prefer Idol.
  11. Honestly I knew this song would catch on better than Idol as it’s more commercial sounding. Idol was a bit messy sounding for the gp to warm to.
  12. I too prefer Idol but this is such a grower. It's the first time I've thought they might be able to get some radio play.

  13. They're adorable.
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  15. I love that picture of them.
  16. I'm so happy with the album.

    HOME is amazing. Dionysus is insane. Boy with Luv is a bop.

    I truly love BTS and i'm gonna see them live in May. I bought soundcheck tickets and can't be more excited.
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