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BTS - Proof + Solo Music

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by superloves, Apr 20, 2022.

  1. Decided to make a new thread as they're entering a new era. The thread title is just a placeholder I don't know for sure if that's the name of the new album, but it was in the trailer so it will be that for now until we get confirmation.

    Rumours are they'll do their annual yearly BBMAs performance in May which could mean a new single around then.

    Fun fact: by the album's release which is near their debut anniversary date (June 13th) they'll break the record for being the first group in Korean idol history to reach 10 years with the original line up.

  2. Kings, icons, legends etc.
  3. The Snoop collaboration makes me hopeful that they'll finally revisit their hiphop roots this era, but I know we always hope for that. Hopefully, they were able to network enough during Grammy season for fresh producers, though I suspect the album is already probably done?

    Also, re-laminating my bias card, this is so cute, etc.

  4. Well Yoongi did say that maybe they’ll have Hip-Hop songs on a future album so we can only hope….
  5. Jimin’s OST is out:

    It’s your typical K-drama OST affair but he sounds nice on it.
  6. I was looking at their release patterns for previous albums and thought (based on precedent) that it was likely that a new single would come a month before the album (like 13th or 20th May?). But TXT’s comeback is around May 9th and I’m assuming that Bighit would clash their schedules like that? Are there often company tentpole releases so close?
  7. The only other time I remember their releases being close together was with Butter (20th May) and TXT’s Freeze (31st May). If they were to go by the Butter release schedule we’ll start getting single teasers in the next couple of weeks. They started teasing Butter on 9th May for reference.
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  8. Swoon. He’s so talented, it’s menacing.
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  9. Thank you for posting about it I didn’t want to double post again ddd.

    I love how he’s stretching his producer skills to more fun pop tracks.

    Also again with only four shows.

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  10. Okay, I kinda love this. So catchy!
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  11. Okay That That bangs a bit...
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  12. That was actually so fun and Yoongi was DANCING dancing.
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  13. Yoongi looks so good in that video. I usually don't pay much attention to him but he's got me like *eyes emoji*

    Their touring power is hilarious. I really wish they'd do an extended tour because they could very, very easily end up with the highest-grossing tour of all time with just around 100 dates. They deserve that title over fucking Ed Sheeran.
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  14. Blasted That That on my drive home. What a banger.

    Yoongi so hot in the video.
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  15. Okay so I’m obsessed with That That.
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  16. [​IMG]

    Yoongi came through!!!! It’s definitely more in line with Psy’s sound. My favorite Yoongi productions have always been a bit more minimalist, but it’s great to see him produce a bop.

    As for the video, the choreo is so good and it’s the best dancing I’ve seen from Yoongi in a while. Producer, dancer, rapper… I need a moment. I’ve known for a while that having him with that hairstyle is deadly. I hope this turns out to be a viral hit for them.
  17. Anthology album with three new tracks

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  18. Wasn’t that Brown Eyed Girls back in 2016?
  19. The real question is: if we’re only getting three new tracks, is the Snoop collaboration one of them?

    I’m not particularly pleased about the previous tease being for an “album”, but I’m glad we’re getting something. As curious as I am about a Snoop collaboration, I really don’t want the limited time we’ll get of new material to be taken up by another artist.
  20. I’m assuming that might be the case. I do wish we got a proper new album with all new songs but I’m assuming that things are a bit precarious behind the scenes with the enlistment talk and HYBE/BigHit probably don’t want to commit to a full new album if they’re required to go where they can’t promote it properly. I don’t think they want to what happened to Map of the Soul: 7 to happen again where they had an entire era planned out and couldn’t promote it properly because of the pandemic so I’m guessing this is an alternative for the time being.
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