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BTS - Proof + Solo Music

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by superloves, Apr 20, 2022.

  1. Oh and we will be streaming! Give us an album of Personas, oppa
  2. It’s fake the link is to get people to vote for the VMAs dd. Side note I love that picture of him.
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  3. Looks like Tae's shooting with Vogue Korea again.
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  4. Another VMA win for them

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  5. New collab from Namjoon/RM with Balming Tiger

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  6. Oh I’m happy they put this on streaming! I was lucky enough to have gone…time for me to relive it.

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  7. He looks so good!
  8. That photo of him against the wall with a tiny sliver of skin… he is so hot I could cry.
  9. angels with dirty faces <3
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  10. More from Vogue Korea

    Film teaser

    Full film and interview comes out next week
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  11. He looks amazing.

    Photos from his Instagram story:

    The shorts!
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  12. Jennie is so lucky, but so is he, it’s annoying.
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  13. I’m here for them as a couple. Very hot pairing!
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  14. Yeah, I meant they’re both so gorgeous it’s unfair ddd

    They look so good in the “leaked” photos (I half suspect it was rolled out by their teams on purpose to soften the blow when they do announce it) and apparently, V attended the Born Pink listening party to support her. The impending Instagram reveal will be iconic.
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  15. Yeah I know what you mean ddd

    I’m starting to think that too. Explains why both companies have been silent about it.
  16. Power couple!
    I much prefer the idea of their teams being behind it than it being some random asshole stealing/leaking private pictures.
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  17. The way I’m still seeing embarrassing posts with red circles and comparisons “proving” the pics are fake.
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  18. For me, it’s more that the photos have a “Let’s give them the photos that confirm we’re a couple but still PG, candid but we still look beautiful in it” energy. And if it were an actual hard drive leak, there’d most likely be messy photos of the other Bangtan boys and Blackpink girls, and their families and more than that, delicate business stuff (chained to Teddy productions until 2050 contracts and the like), which hackers know fans would also eat up. But, they wanted the focus to be the couple reveal.

    I can’t wait for them actually showing up as a couple to red carpets though, imagine the looks to be served. Even more, a potential joint magazine cover.
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  19. It’s obviously up to them if they want to keep it private or not but if they do make it public it would be cool to see two of the biggest idols in the industry normalise idols dating publicly. It’s ridiculous how it’s still such a taboo there even though most knetz are pretty cool about this situation.
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