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BTS - Proof + Solo Music

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by superloves, Apr 20, 2022.

  1. This is photo is super cute.
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  2. Permission to Dance tour on DisneyPlus is epic and love it after being a casual / by stander fan for so long.
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  4. This is legitimately great. Hope it does well.

    English version of Yet To Come for the Hyundai campaign out tomorrow.

    More from Taehyung's Vogue Korea shoot.
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  5. Not me getting emotional at a Hyundai/World Cup advert!
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  6. A pretty amazing feat.

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  7. His new hair should be illegal
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  8. Naomi has taste!

    Edit: really doing the Lord’s work.

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  9. Obsessed with the visuals here. Hoping is solo follows a similar vein.

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  10. Can we say Grammys 2022 is in their Top 10 best performances? I know their MMAs and MAMAs ones are up there, but everything about this one is perfect, that trick they did in the bridge breakdown was *chef’s kiss*

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  11. I’m kind of surprised the song still has legs on US radio?

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  12. I said this in the Charlie thread, but they should release new remixes so it gets a second life on streaming/sales. It’s slowly being embraced by pop radio.
  13. I hope at least one of the albums is by someone in the vocal line!
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  14. I’d take this with a grain of salt as these financial reports are often just a prediction. I remember them saying something about a BTS world tour earlier this year as well. Also two albums with three months of left of the years seems to be cutting it close. I doubt they’d want two members to be in high competition with each other. I definitely think RM3 is coming this year though!
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  15. The rap line always seem to be a bit more productive than the maknae line, bless them.

    Jungkook, Tae and Jimin are forever saying “I’m working on a song”
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  16. They’re finally releasing vinyls.

    Love Yourself: Her pre-order starts tomorrow.

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  17. They got me gal. I wonder why not just do a big triple disc for “Answer”, though? If they are doing them all separately I think I will just get “Tear” as it’s my favorite one and it has the nicest artwork.
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  18. They looked they were having a great time.

    ETA: Namjoon on Weverse
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  19. Scorching

    If only he were more laser focused on releasing his solos… we’ve been waiting for it for more than 3 years now ddd
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