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BTS - Proof + Solo Music

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by superloves, Apr 20, 2022.

  1. Is anyone going to watch the concert on Saturday? It looks like it’s going to be a pretty big one and possibly their last OT7 performance for a while.

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  2. I'm predicting a lot of tears.

    I think I'm working, so I'll have to catch up with it all when I get home,
  3. Butter has reached 1 billion streams!

    Boy With Luv isn’t far behind will most likely get there beginning of next year.

    Also looks like we’re finally getting a Run BTS performance

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  4. Talk about impact.

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  5. LOVED the Run BTS performance.

    I simply cannot resist a debut performance with a brand new dance routine.
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  6. Jin confirmed that his single is coming next.

    Also it was nice that they did the entire show with a live band.
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  7. Loved the acoustic version of Spring Day.
  8. I’m still getting over this choreography.

    Edit: a more head on angle

    Posting fan cams only because the video from the official stream doesn’t show all of the choreo.
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  9. Can’t stop watching the Run BTS performance.
  10. Neither can I ffff they uploaded it officially now. Their energy is insane.

  11. Five star review from NME.

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  12. Is it just me who thinks they are completely untouchable as performers? They are entirely in their own league.
  13. Well it’s confirmed.

    Honestly what a send off that performance was.

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  14. It looks like they all will be enlisting in the upcoming year if they plan to be back in 2025.

    And yes, that performance was the best way to end this era of Bangtan. What a crazy 10 years it's been for them (and us).
  15. I have yet to catch up with the concert and the Run BTS episode (which looked so cute), but wow, what a run they’ve had. I’m sure the fans will still stick around for 2025.
  16. They perform like they’re still hungry for it nearly ten years in. They deserve all the props and more.
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  17. So sad to lose them, especially as I only fell in love with them a short 18 months ago. I needed longer.
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  18. Aw must be so sad for new fans but two years will go by in a flash! It feels like yesterday BE came out and that was nearly two years ago. Hell it feels like last week the beginning of the pandemic.

    They’ll be back in no time plus there’s a tonne of content to get through between now and then. If I can find it I’ll send you the file someone made of all the content they have like Bon Voyage series, documentaries etc.

    This is actually smart dd.
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