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BTS - Proof + Solo Music

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by superloves, Apr 20, 2022.

  1. Oh this could be really great.
  2. I’m just thinking how Western artists take years between albums so this hiatus really doesn’t seem that bad. 2025 is basically next week.

    I’m also going to try and have the rate ready by January. Work has been busy so I haven’t got round to concentrating on it properly yet but towards the end of the year I’ll have more time to prepare it. I have already the made the playlist for part one already so please feel free to make a start on it especially to any newer listeners here.
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  3. I always forget how many songs they have, until I see (half of) them written down.

    I'm excited for The Astronaut. The music in the logo trailer is really pretty.
  4. Official credits from packaging preview:

    Produced by Kygo & Bill Rakho, co-written by Coldplay, executive-produced by Max Martin and featuring a sample from the Arrival movie soundtrack.
  5. That’s just mind blowing.
  6. Jin will be performing with Coldplay in Argentina. Also showing in cinemas.

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  7. He is so goodlooking and charming, I love the 2010 indie pop vibe of the music video, too. The song's nice.
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  8. It's a gorgeous song, and it suits Jin so well. I want a full album from him.
  9. Yes, Jin is gorgeous.
  10. This is pleasant and fits his vibe perfectly! Video is cute too.
  11. Interesting tidbits from Jin’s live yesterday:

    • The song had a pretty quick turnaround. Written in August and recorded in September.
    • Their last concert was supposed to be Permission to Dance Las Vegas and he was thinking about enlisting in the summer but the Busan concert was offered to them so he wanted to perform for the fans then.
    • They didn’t announce the military news before the Busan concert because they wanted it to be a happy occasion for them and the fans (honestly very grateful they did that) also explains why their speeches were very optimistic and they didn’t seem that emotional.
    • It’s been theorised that Map of the Soul 7 was supposed to be their last album before the military but they made BE for the fans as a gift which was also going to be their last album before they go. Dynamite did unexpectedly well so they ended up making Butter and Permission to Dance too.
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  12. Breaks my heart that he has to go.
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  13. I wish Jin had another song or two to make The Astronaut a proper single album. The Astronaut is lush - more of this from him please.
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  14. Nice!

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  15. Namjoon and Pharell Williams Collab
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  16. Not really surprising news but:

    I wonder if J-Hope will go enlist soon seeing as he’s already released his album.
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  17. RM’s album Indigo out 2nd December!

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