BTS - Proof + Solo Music

I wasn't sure about Yet To Come at first, but the more I listen to it the more I like it. The music video is perfect.

Run BTS is great, reminds me of Dionysus.

Oh, and it feels so good to finally listen to Born Singer on Spotify.

Another great return to their sound that I’ve missed from them.
I agree, they finally sound like Bangtan again.
Yet To Come and Run BTS are what people have been looking for when they ask for “old BTS”. They’re great bookends to a first decade in a legendary career, and it’s clear they view it, as such from V’s message.

And sorry, but Yoongi’s hair is gorgeous, probably my favorite from him yet.

Taehyung can pull anything off, but I kind of don’t like his styling recently? I’m not sure if it’s him calling the shots (he tends to have “old soul” energy) or his stylist, but his fits seem too old for his age.
Taehyung can pull anything off, but I kind of don’t like his styling recently? I’m not sure if it’s him calling the shots (he tends to have “old soul” energy) or his stylist, but his fits seem too old for his age.
That’s his style nn he’ll wear a suit to a pool party if he wanted to ffff.
This is an emotional watch.

BTS will be taking a hiatus as a group and will be focusing on solo work for the upcoming time. They've been burned out for a while now and need some time apart, but have promised to eventually return for their next chapter.

I'm not surpised, they haven't seemed like themselves for quite some time to me. I'm looking forward to their solo endeavours and I hope they can take this time to grow and return as an even better group someday.
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What Namjoon said about their recent output is what we’ve all been thinking.

It makes sense to do it now. They’ve been non stop for 9 years and I’m excited for what’s to come but it’s still a lot to take in.
I don't feel emotionally ready to watch that video dddd I saw a lot of the screencaps and all of them crying does not bode well for me!

I haven't been following them as much as I did last year, but I did notice there has been less content this comeback recently. Could something possibly have happened or does it have something to do with their military enlistment? It somehow feels like a decision made recently.

Edit: Oh, they're all going to be releasing albums! So it looks like they won't really be gone, anyway. Definitely an end of an era, though.
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From what I last heard, their application for exemption wasn't accepted? If that's the case, they probably won't go at the same time, while the other members release solos. Interesting that Jimin seemed to hint there's a lot more they couldn't share (I suspect a lot of personal stuff going on, as well).
I’m really gutted about tour. I’m grateful that I got to see them at PTD LA last year but it makes sense why they were so upset about the Map Of The Soul Tour cancellation now. It was supposed to be a huge tour for them. I really thought they’d do something this year. At least one last one before the break.

EDIT: that being said I think they are in genuine need of a break to explore who they are as artists and as people.
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It must be even harder for fans who have been around longer than me.

They always say that the members have very different personalities and want different things. I think some may want to take things slower with their careers, maybe start families, while others want to go full speed ahead. Creatively, I think it’s become clear they do have disagreements about the direction and are having a hard time evolving the group.

Actor Jin sounds promising! We’d also most likely get more of producer Yoongi now. I’m 90% sure that Tae’s jazz album will be a Sinatra cosplay snoozefest, but we will be buying it!
They will also still be continuing Run BTS (their variety show). So it's really just a musical break from the group.

Oh, if that's the case, at least there's that! The music's been a bit hit and miss for a while, but I really will miss seeing them onstage as performers. Namjoon was saying something like they haven't been at their best, but they never let up as far as their performances are concerned. The Grammy performance was excellent.