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BTS - Proof + Solo Music

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by superloves, Apr 20, 2022.

  1. Ahh I knew this was coming but I didn’t want to admit it! Frustrating for me as
    I only got into them Summer last year. But I’m happy they’re happy.

    Thrilled that Run BTS will be continuing. That will make it feel like they haven’t really gone away.
  2. Man why they delete the tweet it’s what some delusion fans needed to hear ddd.

    I didn’t even think about missing their performances. They were such a breath of fresh air in the (Western) music industry and I’m glad that world got to see their talent.

    Will be anticipating Jungkook’s Main Pop Boy debut and potential rapline tour!
  3. Namjoon should really consider living in the United States for a while.
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  4. It seems like they have solo activities planned already with Jungkook’s rumoured Ch*rlie P*th, Hoseok’s Lolla stint and this so they’re not really going anywhere as much as people would like them too dddd.

  5. Thinking about it, although it might be an emotional/creative decision, it might as well also be a business decision, knowing HYBE. They may seriously want to test if any of the boys would make it solo, which would open more doors for them.

    Jungkook seems like he has the most international crossover potential, but Yoongi, Namjoon and Hoseok are the ones that seem to have the most discipline with their craft.
  6. J-Hope album next month.

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  7. HYBE’s damage control with the statements feel like the announcement has been a bit of a mess, hasn't it?

    Either they didn’t anticipate the massive backlash from their stakeholders or the video and its editing somehow bypassed the higher ups ddddd I think it’s obvious that the boys found this to be a much bigger deal than HYBE’s “Everything is going to be more or less the same” statements. Off the top of my head, they could’ve rolled out the solos first before the official hiatus announcement to cushion the blow, rather than trivializing what’s going to be big changes.

    Because they are big changes and there's no shame in admitting that. What doesn't bode well for the company culture is that changes cause so much fear and borne out of what sounds like long pent up grievances, rather than excitement of what's to come and maybe a little sentimentality from their journey so far.
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  8. I don't want to be a Debbie Downer, but how exactly can BTS exist if they're not all enlisting at the same time? I know HYBE would never let that happen since they wouldn't be able to make money if all the boys were gone, but if they do a staggered enlistment, it will be five, six, or even more years before a full BTS comeback. A BTS comeback when Jin is 37? C'mon. This all just feels so desolate, like the ending of something great. Obviously we knew this day would come because enlistment was inevitable, but I really thought HYBE would be smarter about it and let them enlist all at once so they could just return in 18 months like nothing happened. Waiting several years for a full comeback just doesn't work.

    Maybe I'm overthinking it and someone can talk me off the ledge, but this is confusing me.
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  9. There was probably an option for them to enlist at the same time, but they didn't opt for it because they really did want to pursue solo ventures and get a chance to live life outside BTS.
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  10. I think the most important thing about this break for them is how they want to explore themselves individually first. I think it would be a good idea for them to go all at once but there will still be BTS content.

    Hybe obviously saw their stocks dropping and panicked. I think they handled this quite badly because they said themselves that it will be a hiatus and then came to say it’s not? A “break from group activities” is a hiatus but I guess they didn’t want the media to twist things (but they already have, so).
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  11. What could've cushioned the blow is a clear announcement for their solo albums. But, I suspect not all of them are even set in stone yet, aside from Hobi's and maybe Yoongi's. Tae and Jungkook, on the other hand, have been serving SZA with their mixtapes that have been promised for almost two years now.

    You can tell even from that that they have different levels of speed in output, which could probably get frustrating (they more or less admitted so). The hiatus is also probably to avoid the frustrations to lead to resentment and create a strain on their friendships so the more I think about it, the more it's for the best.
  12. The first disc of Proof is quite a fun listen. It’s starts with the ‘hardest’ sounding Hip Hop and gradually gets poppier and poppier until you end up with the sound-coated pop sound of Butter.
  13. With it being in chronological order it’s really interesting to hear how their sound has evolved especially starting as a very hip-hop based group. I don’t think anyone at the beginning predicted they would evolve into that kind of sound dd.

  14. Namjoon discussed it, I hate how they feel they created a mess with the video and being more genuine with their feelings there. Great to see them not backtracking, though.

    On a lighter note, we would like to see it.
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  15. Don’t fall for it, ladies, stay strong!!
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  16. Very much here for them finally showing some skin in chapter 2

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  17. Maybe the solo idea isn’t so bad, after all.

    Just a year ago, we were lucky to get a sliver of an ankle!
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