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BTS - Proof + Solo Music

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by superloves, Apr 20, 2022.

  1. Love that they’ve all got them in different places…
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  2. Is that Suga with the neck one? That's my fave, but damn that must've hurt.
  3. It’s Jungkook. His pain tolerance is insane if he sleeve is anything to go by.
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  4. It’s serviceable but I’m hoping his official solo debut has a bit more….flavour to it.

    I’m going to need Jungkook to live in the colour pink though.
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  5. The song is cute. They do look hot together fff
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  6. It’s nice but as I said in the other thread, their vocals… aren’t good. I’m sure they could’ve picked and forced a better vocal take from both of them.
  7. I wasn’t gonna say it nn.
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  8. I thought his vocals sounded fine to be honest.
    Y’all are sooooo dddddd
  9. Well, the video’s plot is basically that Charlie can’t stop fantasizing about Jungkook, right
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  10. Has he restyled himself as Jung Kook then?
  11. That’s technically how his name is supposed to be written in English but everyone just spells it as one word anyway. It’s always been like that.
  12. One of those choruses that immediately whirls around your brain once you’ve heard it.
  13. What are our thoughts on Taehyung in Paris

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  14. He’s in his element whenever he’s in Paris.

    So excited for Jack In The Box! The 90s hip hop vibes from that teaser >>>>>

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  15. No thoughts... head empty.

    But seriously, he looks so good, and he seems to be having a great time.

    Super excited for Jack In The Box in July too.
  16. upload_2022-6-26_9-28-43.png
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  17. Absolutely loving Tae living his best Parisian life.
  18. It really is funny how as soon as "Chapter 2" started they suddenly decided to show more skin. I wonder if that was part of talks with the company, cause just a couple months back they were censoring Tae's chest with a shirt on.
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