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BTS - Proof + Solo Music

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by superloves, Apr 20, 2022.

  1. I really believe we’ll have a Jungkook shirtless photoshoot before the year is over.
  2. He’s serving IG thirsttrap gay with the coy caption about the tattoo as an excuse to go topless, and we are HERE FOR IT

    HYBE is truly the most evil company on earth if they were prohibiting the boys from showing skin, sorry! LET THEM BE ARTISTS

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  3. The sheer fashion of if all.

  4. A Lisa-Tae interaction!
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  5. An Icon.
  6. I love that photo of the three of them.

    Jack In the Box
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  7. This is definitely going to be a complete sonic 180 from Hope World.

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  8. Was literally about to come and post those new concept photos, and then the page loaded, and I got really confused as they definitely weren't there last time I looked.

    I'm super intrigued and super excited for 'More' now, can't wait till Friday.
  9. I edited the post to add it. Sorry didn’t want to double post!
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  10. They’re having the time of their lives there
  11. Anyone else playing the BTS In the Seom game?

    I'm Idol376 if anyone wants to be friends.

  12. More is here.
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  13. Daydream is my favourite solo track by any member so I went into this with unreasonably high expectations and it still surprised me with how good it was. Really into this new direction, all I can think about is how long the album will be. I’ve decided to assume 8 tracks (this number seems to have become quite common) and secretly pray for 10-12.

    More is going to slap hard at Lolla
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  14. He could have easily done a rehash on the Hope World sound (which I love by the way) but he didn’t so I really like that he did something different and didn’t play it safe. He wears his musical influences very well in this. It’s giving 90s Hip-Hop/grunge without feeling contrived.

    I think they’ll be songs that I’ll prefer on the album though but it’s going to go off live.
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  15. It’s serving Melanie C circa 1999.
  16. He produced Run BTS so if we get another banger like that I’m not complaining.

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  17. I love him

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  18. Charlie basically just confirmed that this is the concept on his Instagram. And I’m still bopping.
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  19. Add me I’m moonjoon97!
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