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BTS - Proof + Solo Music

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by superloves, Apr 20, 2022.

  1. 10 tracks!
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  2. I’m assuming you’ve all seen this already but I’ll share anyway. If this album is anywhere near as good as Hope World I’ll be very very happy tomorrow!
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  3. I’ve through listened three times now and I do like the album, but the length makes many of the tracks feel dissatisfying so I’m torn at the moment. I really like Pandora’s Box and Arson, More is probably going to end up being my favourite. Haven’t looked at the lyrics yet, looking forward to that later.

    The production is great and his flow is consistently excellent
  4. Bad Decisions out August. It’s a song with just the vocal line.

    By the way has anyone else listened to Jack in the Box and what are their thoughts?
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  5. Super excited for Bad Habits.

    I thought Jack In The Box was okay, More was definitely my favourite song from it.

    Currently obsessed with Agust D's Burn It.

    ETA: Tae's Instagram reel of his time in Paris
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  6. The full length version of Blue Side is now on streaming platforms.

    Hopefully we’ll see more of their Soundcloud releases on streaming platforms going forward.
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  7. Getting back into pop culture stuff again, where is this from?

  8. The new series of In The Soop but it’s with Taehyung and his “Wooga Squad” friends.

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  9. Major bop loading…
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  10. As expected Hobi freaking killed it at Lolla(Hobi)pollooza! The energy he brought to stage, the live band and he didn’t look nervous at all. The fans really showed out for him, I honestly got quite emotional every time the camera panned out to them. Jimin also came out to support which was very cute.

    Definitely worth checking out he’s such a showman!

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  11. So happy for him. He looked and sounded so good, and so happy.
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  12. I have grown to really like More. It starts off a bit FutureSex-lite and unexpectedly going rock in the chorus works.
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  13. Run BTS is back this month. What a relief.
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  14. Proud moment
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  15. A lot of rumblings about them doing this years official World Cup song.

    Official upload of J-Hope’s set:

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  16. A cute little bop:
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  17. Jimin was in the studio with Tommy Brown.

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