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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Superloves, Jan 29, 2019.

  1. I thought I’d make a new thread seeing as there are reports that they’re recording the new album and filming for the music video too.
  2. Touring Europe again soon, too.
  3. More rumours of an album release in May.

    It does seem likely. And then they'll probably go on tour again in the second half of the year.
  4. Taehyung's solo song is out!

    What a beautiful winter song! And he wrote and composed it himself too. I love that the vocal line is getting more and more involved with the songwriting.
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  5. May comeback is pretty much confirmed and this is interesting about their “Global Project”. As they’re competing with western artists now I wonder if their release strategy will change from the traditional kpop way of releasing and they’ll put out a single or two prior to the album, if so it will be a smart move from them.
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  6. BTS will appear at the Grammys and present an award!

    I wasn't expecting it anymore to be honest. I bet they're so excited about this.
  7. This is huge for them! Pop groups rarely get invited or go to the Grammys too.
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  8. I watched the concert I posted in the old thread. They are great and all but my God I doubt I would EVER enjoy the concert live because of the constant screaming from the fans. Seriously, they scream at Every. Little. Thing. At fist I thought its because I'm 30 but then I remembered, I hated that even when I was a teen as a huge Westlife fan, it annoyed me when the crowd screamed at everything haha! I'm all for chating, singing along, clapping but don't scream when you see a glimpse of, oh I don't know, Jin's feet for example haha!
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  9. Kind of to be expected with a group like them though.
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  10. If I ever manage to get tickets I'll definitely bring earplugs. I'd love to see BTS live, but I don't feel like damaging my ears for it.
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  11. Of course, I am not denying that, I'm just saying this is the reason why I would never go to BTS concert haha! It actually happens with most boybands but I think the situation settles as the fans get older.
  12. Actually a lot of the fanbase is over 30 and just as loud! I was at CitiField and watched it all happen in front of me. It's kind of like being part of a huge agnostic religious experience. ANYWAY so excited for them at the Grammys! They are seated with legends and pop royalty (Dolly, Miley, Kendrick etc)
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  13. Hahah, yeah, it sure looks like that even on camrip. Fans are also chanting something in Korean. its not just that they know song lyrics. Me? I'm happy when I spot English words and then I sing that haha!
  14. Yeah the fan chants are pretty creative. It's insane how collaborative and global the fan network is to throw things together on quick notice. Even the banner projects etc!

    Anyway I do recommend everyone curious about BTS live tries to see them next tour -- it's going to be stadiums and probably sort of a legendary trek.
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  15. Do we know if they will release the movie that is in the cinemas now on DVD at one point?
  16. Nothing has been announced, but I assume it will be released on DVD or V Live.
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  17. Now I do wonder what their meeting with Kim Jones was about.
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  18. They made Vogue’s best dressed list!
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  19. Last night was a lot of fun, but my favourite part was probably finding out Jungkook is a Dolly Parton stan.

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