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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by iamstrong, Sep 22, 2017.

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    Billboard's Top Social Artist released their new album last week, and because their album has debuted at #14 on the UK Album Chart and debuted @ #7 on the Billboard 200, I think they deserve their own thread on Pop & Justice

    Update: Their song "Mic Drop" is @ #28 on the Billboard Hot 100

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  2. I have really loved their previous albums but this one felt very underwhelming and incomplete to me. The only reason I stan anyone is for jimin, the rest aren't that good any more.
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  3. Does this mean I can make Twice and Blackpink threads in the general forum now? Nice to see them doing well anyway, it increases the odds I'll see those groups live someday and I loved Serendipity as well. Very much a "will this do" kind of mini though, they need to take more time off to work on their projects given how heavily responsible they are for the writing and production.
  4. Has the Charli XCX collabo come out already?
  5. But isn’t this what the K pop forum is for?

    Anyway, the DNA video is a triumph and I stan Jimin and Rap Monster.
  6. To be fair, CL has a thread here for her English releases (+), I think Blackpink had a short one for when they had some Youtube record, and Wonder Girls had threads for their English releases (+/+/+).

    The main difference being that BTS are charting internationally with Korean music.
    They're now the first Korean acts to chart on both the British & German album charts.
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  7. Kind of sad this is their first album I don't like. 'Mic Drop' is kind of good but everything else is meh.

    Love when people have taste.
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  8. With BTS in particular, I think they're too big to be hidden away in that section. K-Pop is a big deal now and I reckon we'll see more K-Pop threads in this section.
  9. Okay, here for it then.
  10. I wonder what the sales would’ve been like in the UK if they had released a physical here. Top 5 for sure.
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  12. I'd love it if K-pop groups did like an international physical release. Just a limited run thingy or something.
  13. Would it not be best to keep this in the K-Pop thread? Otherwise we’re going to have people making threads in here for flop groups claiming they broke some records to justify their thread.

    Not a fan of BTS but good for them breaking top 15 in the U.K.
  14. This performance on MIC Drop is superb.

    DNA, Best of Me, Pied Piper, MIC Drop & Go Go are all brilliant.

    I also wish there was a physical release in the UK too though. The fact it was digital only and didn't have the full week and still managed number 14 is impressive.


    I think this proves that BTS deserves to have their own threads on Pop & Justice. Congrats to the boys, and I hope this paves the way for more Asian representation in pop music. ​

  16. Highest charting kpop boy group, second only-ever kpop group to chart on the Hot 100.

    K-Pop on the Hot 100:
    #2 - "Gangnam Style", Psy
    #5 - "Gentleman", Psy
    #26 - "Hangover", Psy ft. Snoop Dogg
    #76 - "Nobody", Wonder Girls [First song to chart by a Korean artist]
    #85 - "DNA", BTS [First k-pop boygroup to chart]
    #94 - "Lifted", CL
    #97 - "Daddy", Psy ft. CL

    Psy's not really considered an idol, so the main idols/kpop to chart are Wonder Girls, BTS & CL.
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  17. Wow 7 on the album chart, didn't they only have 4 days?
  18. Nah, they just went top ten in the United States, they can have their own thread, in my opinion.
  19. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    I do also stan talent, congrats sis.

    How delighted are you?
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  20. Ddd the girl group stan in me wants it to be a girl group who snatches the title from them, not a boy group.

    We're ready for TWICE to swoop in and snatch.
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