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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Superloves, Jan 29, 2019.

  1. They’ve added Boy With Luv to the Capital FM playlist. Hoping Radio 1 follows soon.
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  2. I just can't get enough of Dionysus.
  3. Added to the Radio 1 playlist and also first on Today’s Top Hits on Spotify
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  4. Boy With Luv debuts at #13 and the album at #1 in the UK! First Korean act to do so.
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  6. Mikrokosmos and Make It Right are also #71 and #74 respectively.
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  7. Wow that is so amazing that they got to number 1 with Persona! I can't believe a foreign language album is number 1. And with 68% physical sales (I didn't even realise they released a physical version over here).
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  8. This is huge. And they did it in Australia too!
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  9. Does this seem out of focus when in full screen mode or is it just me?

    Or do I need special ARMY glasses or something?

    Either way, they crushed it. They always look like they're having a blast. They remind me of B2ST in that particular regard. They always had a great esprit de corp and gleam when they performed. (Unless it was one of their moody steampunky songs like Ribbon or Fiction.)
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  10. It's a bit blurry for me too in full screen.

    And I agree, their great performance is one of my favourite aspects of them. They recorded this show in the middle of the night after several hours of delay, but you couldn't tell at all. I really appreciate that they always give a hundred percent.

    They had an interview with CBS Sunday Morning a few months ago. Why did they have to zoom out on those dolls..

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  11. Number three!
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  12. New version of the "Boy With Luv" MV (with a lot more Halsey!)

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  13. Oh great, just what this song needs!
  14. I'm so proud of them!

  15. This is cute
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  16. They have nearly 20 million monthly listeners on Spotify the most for a Korean group.
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