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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by iamstrong, Sep 22, 2017.

  1. Turns out 'Seesaw' is also on the Bubbling Under chart at #22! This was my favorite out of the new tracks, so I'm very happy about this (I'm sure Yoongi is too).
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  2. First week sales for Answer are in and they are HUGE. The best selling album since 2000 in Korea. In one week! International fans snapped.

    And also, America's Got Talent just announced them as special guest performers on next week's finale. It pulls huge audiences, so this is great exposure for the general public.

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  3. HAHA.
    Now Simon Cowell is gonna have to sit and watch them perform live next week, while mentally taking frantic notes.
  4. This past week I have spent an alarming amount of time streaming their songs and watching them on youtube. It might be part of a midlife crisis but I am becoming full on ARMY.

    I just discovered Spring Day and its floored me.
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  5. Yeah, Spring Day has a tendency to do that to people.

    Have you checked out their V LIVE channel? They have a show on there called Run BTS! and a lot of other content.

    I'm so happy about them performing on AGT! I wonder if it will be pre-recorded since they have their Oakland concert that day.
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  6. I said this in The X Factor thread - I am sure Cowell is aware of the success and will try to force 7 boys into a boyband during the auditions haha!
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  7. Cowell tried that already (recreating a version of a Kpop band) with PRETTYMUCH, no? And has seen no results.
  8. I will be sure to check it out. I've mainly been watching all the music video's and live TV show performances (seriously cannot get over the high level of their choreography)

    Oh and then I'll watch video's like 'Jimin speaking English for 7 minutes' like a lovestruck teen. I'm starting to pick up on all their individual character quirks like Jin talking about how handsome he is in every single video.
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  9. It’s such a rabbit hole! I also enjoy Jin’s anxieties and panicked moments. In fact, in the LA V Live this week, fans scared Jin by telling him that someone was in the room with him. Of course he fell for it and said “don’t do that, I have a lot of fears.”

    Taehyung is my bias w/ Joon and Yoongi closely behind. Artistically, they are also my picks for most interesting/creative members. And I enjoy Jungkook’s smug quest to be a modern day renaissance man.
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  10. Jimin is my bias. He caught my eye with his dancing and then I watched videos on youtube and saw how much he constantly doubts himself and thinks he can't sing, hes fat, hes ugly etc and it broke my heart. It makes me worry for him tbh.

    I also like V and J-Hope. J-Hope never fails to make me laugh, he is always 'on' in interviews.
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  11. Jimin used to be very insecure and very hard on himself, but he's doing so much better now. He talked about some of your worries in this V LIVE (at 07:40 and 15:45).

    I don't really have a bias, it changes all the time. They all have something I love about them or admire. Maybe I have a bit of a soft spot for Namjoon because of his lyrics (I hope he'll write a book someday).
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  12. I feel like everyone wants to protect Jimin, and it doesn't help that he is the primary target of threats from deranged fans/haters.

    Anyway, everyone is saying the LA show last night was incredible! I looked at some footage on Twitter but trying not to spoil too much because I'm planning to go to Citi Field ($$$ allowing).

    Please enjoy this moment of Zen where Taehyung sits on his suitcase and rides it at the airport. He's so pure and fun.
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  13. I am nearly done watching the video on V line where RM is tslking about the album, I always love when artists do that. I find it interesting how he interpreted Seesaw, the way he separated words see saw, I thought it references the actual seesaw. Maybe it has both meanings though - because Suga does say how someone needs to get off it first.
  14. WHY?!? I can't even begin to imagine why he would get threats.
  15. Just a few psychos. It actually reminds me a bit of the intensity of certain Lana Del Rey fans, not gonna lie.

    So apparently at the band's second LA show last night, TONS of US music/media/Hollywood industry people were lurking, including Simon Cowell!!! The task forces are OUT.
  16. For anyone else who's been waiting for it all day, the subtitles for the new V LIVE are up! I love it when Jin and Jimin do a V LIVE together, they're hilarious.
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  17. They seem so happy and carefree on this tour! The shows are amazing (w/ a new American celebrity showing up at the everyday) and their V Lives hilarious. Whenever they play someone else's music on their chats, that artist literally blows up overnight, it's crazy.
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  18. They recorded their America's Got Talent performance today! According to some people who were there it went really well. They performed IDOL and their backup dancers joined them too. All the juries were there, including Simon. I'm really excited for this, it will air tomorrow!

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  19. Cannot wait!

    Apparently Jimmy Fallon is coming up too, but date is not yet confirmed.

    And they got their first AMA nomination today for Best Social Artist — notably, the only category Ariana, Demi, and Shawn were also nominated for. I'm sure they will win.

    In the UK, they have signed with DawBell, one of the most revered/influential PR firms in Europe who launched Harry Styles' solo career, and rep Sir Paul McCartney, Rihanna and many more.

    Seems like UK and EU fans should see some fun opps come out of it!
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