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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Superloves, Jan 29, 2019.

  1. I can't stop playing this mix. How did I not know BTS are good?! Any suggestions on how to dig into their discography?
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  2. OspreyQueen

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    This is a good place to start

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  4. Spring Day! Always start with Spring Day.

    I think 'The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever' is a good album to start with, it has some of their most well known songs. You Never Walk Alone and Love Yourself 結 'Answer' are also good albums to start off with.

    Edit: I forgot this is why I logged on: BTS on the cover of PAPER Magazine. BTS x Lisa Frank x Virgil Abloh is quite the combination.
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  5. Their my little pony photoshoot for Paper Magazine encompasses everything wrong with this group. The horror show truly began in 2017.

    Talk about infantilized image. I truly mourn the days of HYYH and Wings eras.
  6. They’ve shown in the past few years they have the freedom to express themselves in many ways. This was the whole concept of the shoot.
  7. @Superloves What freedom? They haven't participated in music production or writing in years. Secondly, Big Hit blocks all individual opportunities. How are they going to grow if they can't experience things outside of the group?

    At the very least the rap line are able to showcase ther desired music via mixtapes but the rest don't have that luxury. Their company is purposely marginalizing them. It's sad.

    Lastly, Paper Magazine's explanation for teaming up with Lisa Frank is a load of shit. They played up the Asian male stereotype and are cheaply linking it to BTS' flop Love Yourself campaign.
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    You must be fun at parties.
  9. Lisa Frank aesthetic is great. Not even sorry about it.
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  10. Island

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    The Lisa Frank aesthetic peaked with this:
  11. 1) That "flop" campaign that gained them a barrage of new fans, right okay.
    2) This argument of infantilisation is rather.....irksome. Suddenly they soften up their concept and show a different side to themselves that isn't dark and it's suddenly infantilisation and no longer seen as credible as their previous eras? There's a bigger argument to this which I'm sure someone else can articulate much better than I can.
    3) Yes they may have had some help from other producers but the vocal line still are given the freedom to take part in songwriting and production in their solo releases. Also not forgetting Jungkook did produce Magic Shop from Tear.
  12. If they genuinely believed in the campaign then they would have called out the bullying and racism within their own fandom. Yet they refuse to speak about it. The campaign flopped.

    Just look at Paper Magazines previous covers. They’re capable of simplicity without making it look tacky and juvenile. We’re going to have agree to disagree on this matter.

    Some help... They’ve tripled the number of producers and writers in the fraction of the time. Vocal line haven’t even sung a vocal line penned track...

    Euphoria, Serendipity, Singularity and Epiphany aren’t self produced or written solos.

    Magic Shop is trash.
  13. An Anti making BTS look sympathetic. One post at a time.
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  14. The first non-English act to win and be nominated for this category. I'm really proud of them.
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  16. Their full performance at the Melon Music Awards. I can’t believe it was a whole 37 minutes long!
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  17. Suga has a feature on Halsey's new album, 'SUGA's Interlude.'

  18. I finally found the time to watch that mini concert at the award show and wow, the whole thing is just huge. The ending was incredible. I think Jungkook was a bit off during DNA and Mikrokosmos but other than that, it really was a great performance. Did I hear it right, in that second short video the melody of O Come, O Come Emmanuel was playing?
  19. Glad someone pointed out because I thought the same thing!
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