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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Superloves, Jan 29, 2019.

  1. So I've read some theories about the whole 7=ego thing lately. Something I found very intriguing is the concept that ego represents self, right? So perhaps we'll see the boys in a more solo mode? Imagine something like Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, where each artist has created their own unique vision that the others drop into sporadically. Obviously we aren't getting SEVEN solo albums in one set, but the thought experiment is kind of fun. Even if each member gets like a three or four song chapter, ya know?

    Also everything about the teaser screams SUGA having conflicts about going solo. I know he's done some stuff on the side, but this sort of give and take with the fans and band members might be a theme.
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  2. I think the lyrics of 'Interlude: Shadow' are at least partly inspired by a poem Yoongi wrote in 2018:

    What A Relief, by Min Yoongi

    Already five years since debut
    Simply youth with many dreams –
    we who had nothing now have much,
    we who only dreamed have now become someone’s dream
    Life is a repetition of choices and regrets
    I too am scared, and we too, are scared
    Though we dreamt of a high sky, it is high here, and cold, and so hard to breathe
    It is true that the more light that burns upon us, the more shadows appear

    What a relief, that we are seven
    What a relief, that we are together
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  3. aux


    So, can we get another Halsey collaboration on this? Thanks x
  4. This is kind of like Fake Love’s little sister I’m here for it. The video version is so haunting.
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  5. Both songs are very good. The last part of Shadow song is a bit weird but it makes sense when you read the lyrics. I especially like the melody in the Black Swan video, the violins make the song epic - its a bit weird how different the song sounds in the video and just as a single.
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  6. I think it’s meant to convey the chaos that comes with reaching his dreams and all the pitfalls that comes with it i.e. added pressure to be the best all the time, being subject to public scrutiny etc especially shown in the music video.
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  7. Yes exactly. But also, that part near the end when everything is a bit distorted is I think him accepting the stage persona he has, that shadow (Suga) - the "I Am You and You Are Me" part. He can't escape it even if he wants to. They are going to clash at times but they are one.
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  8. Ooh I'm loving "Black Swan." Gorgeous.
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  9. This era is just perfect so far. Black Swan is stunning. Shadow, so visceral. The art project so ingenious and a way to tear down all kinds of preconceived notions / open up borders. This is gonna be a huge era for them. I bet with critics, too.
  10. A few weeks ago I watched their performance for MMA 2018 and 2019 and it blew me away, I'm happy I get to experience this comeback from the beginning.
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  11. Grammys performance confirmed thought the media is saying that RM will be performing with Lil Nas X however this tweet and the post about them on the Grammys account make it look like they’re having a solo performance? I guess we’ll find out on Sunday
  13. Although it hasn’t been confirmed I genuinely believe they will have a surprise solo performance. They landed on LA a week earlier and have been rehearsing ever since, when usually they arrive like two days early, it’s very weird that they will do all that just for Seoul Town Road. Doesn’t make sense.

    Also the fact that they’re using Instagram again, and have been posting regularly seems sketchy too. I think something big is coming but they don’t wanna say anything.

    Or they will only perform Seoul Town Road and my expectations are way to high. Who knows.
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  14. Can I just say they looked so good last night.
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  15. Sharp and snazzy.

  16. Oh God they're coming back to my country. I can feel the ticket stress building already.
  17. The 'Black Swan' choreo! It's so good!

    They also did an interview and played hide-and-seek with Ashton Kutcher.

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