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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Superloves, Jan 29, 2019.

  1. Jimin is just so... hrrrng. Honestly they're all pretty damn cute in their own way. Damn them.
  2. Wait I just heard Idol for the first time. Was this a worldwide hit and I just wasn’t aware? And it it wasn’t, WHY? It sounds massive.

    And the music video is amazing.
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  3. Bb, I'm loving your experience! Check out "Save Me." Actually, just watch their videography. Some of the best dancers in the biz.
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  4. I am FULLY stanning and going through all their live performances but it’s hard cause I wanna keep replaying the same ones haha!

    I also convinced my best friend to stan with me, thankfully!
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  5. Sorry about the spam but I’m just... obsessed. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN LIKE OVERNIGHT I-

    Their older material / aesthetic is... interesting, but the songs aren’t bad. I freaking loved Spring Day.
    Save Me sounds just like that Million Reasons remix dd
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  6. Once you fall down that rabbit hole you fall hard. It happened to me in May 2017. I barely slept for about two weeks.

    Had you already found their V Live channel? They have their own variety show on there called 'Run BTS!' and they also do live streams sometimes. All the videos have English subtitles available.
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  7. Cool, thanks! I’ve heard something about some kind of web series / documentary about their life, is this it?
  8. I think they referred to Burn The Stage and Bring The Soul, both are movies and docuseries that followed them during their 2017 and 2018 world tours.

    I can also highly recommend Bon Voyage, their own travel show. It's paid content, but you should be able to find it quite easily in "other places." And there's a ton of other content, it's honestly almost impossible to keep up with.
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  9. Hell yeah, fallen angel vibes.
  10. Or Black Swan vibes...
  11. It can be two things!
  12. True! Either way they look stunning. I think I'm going to have a hard time deciding which version I'm going to buy.
  13. Why isn’t Winter Bear on streaming? Such a cute song!
  14. The private boys school look is a kii.
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  15. It’s on soundcloud! When they drop their random solo songs they often have them on there.
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  16. I think version 2 is probably my favourite out of the lot, so beautifully shot.
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  17. I wish Promise by Jimin was on streaming as well, such a beautiful song.
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