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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Superloves, Jan 29, 2019.

  1. 'IDOL' debuted at No 21, and 'Fake Love' debuted at No 42 three months earlier. It's not very high, but it shows there has been growth. They also debuted at No 8 on the Albums Chart with 'Love Yourself: Tear'.
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  2. The past year they’ve had a really steady growth, each comeback they chart higher and higher. The next comeback is going to be huge and them selling Wembley is about to give them a tonne of promo.
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  3. - Stay tuned : Sat 02 Mar @ 9am

    I'm guessing this is the announcement for another date?
  4. The fact that anyone sells out Wembley Stadium that fast is incredible, honestly.
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  5. The other stadiums that went on sale today (Rose Bowl, Metlife & Soldier Field) are also all sold out. It looks like they will all have an extra date announced tomorrow. I assume Brazil will get another date as well (ticket sale there will be a bloodbath).

    Today was pretty amazing, especially Wembley. I did believe it would sell out eventually, but I did not expect it would only take 90 minutes.
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  7. Missed out on tickets to MetLife! Gonna try for Day 2 which will be announced today. I am so incredibly proud of them. Even Western artists aren't doing this. They are literally in their own league right now.
  8. Really goes to show you how traditional charts only show part of the picture in a fast evolving pop world economy. Most of the artists actually being pushed at radio etc could not come close to doing this. It's got to be riling up a few people, lol.

    That said, I fully expect a #1 album and Top 10 single for the UK next era.
  9. Here it is:

    I hope you get your ticket this time!
  10. Well done to BTS for selling out Wembley! My friend and her daughter got tickets and I'm so chuffed for them and look forward to hearing all about the concert!
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  11. They've sold out Wembley Stadium and Stade de France for a second time! Hopefully they'll add more European dates later this year (or early next year).
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  12. I doubt they’ll add any more on for this year most likely next tour for the next album.
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  13. I got tix for MetLife Day 2!
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  14. Comeback in mid April which means teasers will be dropping soon!
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  15. It's not confirmed by Big Hit yet, but it's looking very likely!
  16. This basically means it’s hapoening
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  17. It would still be happening even if they denied it, haha. I think it will be April 12. One day after the HYYH webtoon ends.

    Also, Olly Alexander finally found out that Jungkook tweeted his song back in 2015.

    I wonder if MNEK pointed that out to him.
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  18. God it feels good to change the thread title. Also I called it to be released then.
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  19. April 12! I was right! And it sounds like it will be a series again! I'm so excited for this.
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