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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by iamstrong, Sep 22, 2017.

  1. #1 on US iTunes. This is the first time they've topped the iTunes songs chart.
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  2. Huge lead in the US, too. they're so close to overtaking James Arthur in the UK, too. At #5
  3. It'll probably drop like a rock like Pinkblack or whatever they're called did.
  4. Don’t be rude about legends
  5. Their Billboard Music Award skit on the new album seems less like a skit and more like a future flash of psychic precognition.
  6. [​IMG]


    Anyway, the non-video version features Desiigner:
  7. I don't care for K-pop boy groups so BTS' overnight success in America is very bittersweet for me. Wonder Girls (and Girls Generation. and 2NE1.) died so BTS could live to see this day. Red Velvet deserves this kind of exposure... maybe Blackpink. As much as I root for Twice I don't think they'll do well in America. I don't want to subject them to racism and misogyny of all kinds. They've been through enough in Korea & Japan.
  8. I'm happy for them but also #JusticeforMonstaX
  9. The remix makes me like the song even more, it's up there with Fire for me.

    The US success is so good to watch, huge lead on iTunes still too and a good start on Spotify.
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  10. I'm loving this, especially when:

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  11. Expected to debut in the Top 40 on the Hot 100 at #38.

    Song is still top 10 on iTunes. Only about a minute of it is actually in Korean, so radio stations should at least test it out.

  12. MIC drop starts at 03:03. I'm kind of obsessed with the new dance elements they've added, their whole performance was amazing!

    Charted at #46 in the UK BTW.
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  13. This guy is amazing.
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  14. King of dancing.


    Mic Drop is expected to debut at #21 in the US.
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  15. Mic Drop is officially at #28 on the Billboard Hot 100. I love that Asians are now finally being represented in the Western music industries.
  16. I'm kinda shook that this is in the general pop-talk section and not just Kpop? What kinda K-POP KINGS influence?

    I'm fucking in love with V Taehyung by the way. I mean:


    and this...
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  17. BTS become the first k-pop group to chart on the Billboard Pop Airplay chart.
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  18. "They were probably the most beautiful guys I've ever seen in my life...truly I didn't know humans existed that beautiful"

    @Subwaykid u ok?
  19. Subwaykid

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    sgfhjdhkjl help
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