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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by iamstrong, Sep 22, 2017.

  1. Totally here for a Shawn Mendes x BTS collab.
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  2. Mic Drop is #28 on Pop radio. If they actually get a hit...
  3. "Mic Drop" was finally added to Today's Top Hits on Spotify at #3.
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  5. Any dragging of BTS is fine by me. Their fans make Larries look bearable.
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  6. The 'couldn't see him in the dark' 'joke'. Yikes.

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  7. Ddd I said for a reason any other k-pop act getting their exposure would have been better.

    Their past comments and how common colorism, ethnocentrism, and anti-blackness is in tons of cultures, including East Asian cultures, is disgusting. They've apologized, but I've never felt comfortable with their stans maligning black people who have issues with them, or the genre as a whole for its appropriative actions, while I don't want to bash any black fans who've personally come to terms with their past remarks.

    Stan for these LGBT legends instead:

  8. I stan LOONA already!
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  9. Anything that has their insane stans fuming is fine with me!
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  10. Can you link me to where they've made these comments? It's the first I've heard of it. Since I've been a fan I haven't been aware that they had made racist comments in the past, even though I know it's unfortunately a lot more common in Korea. I like that BTS seem to speak out against society a hell of a lot more than most and for me that's something to be praised. I'm here for the music first, cause the albums are insanely good, but how the artist act always plays a part. It's very easy to root for someone doing good and vice versa.
  11. I mean, it's mostly the Namjoon stuff in the tweets above. Them mouthing along to the n-word when dancing to songs or like singing the n-word in the Shinhwa cover (the fact that the Shinhwa song has the n-word in it to begin with is so.. what??). Jokes about other band members having dark skin, etc.

    I believe he and they have mostly apologized, but it's not really my place to convince black people and dark-skinned Asians to accept any apologies.
  12. Mamamoo would probably be worse at this point though, unfortunately. Also Seventeen and GOT7 have just as many past problems - many of the hip-hop flavored boy groups do really. It's still a very widespread problem in k-pop.

    They have apologized fully for the comments/behaviors, and have referred to them as mistakes and learning experiences since then, as far as I'm aware. This is old news - at least a couple of years old - being opportunistically dragged up again. That doesn't mean it should just be brushed off, of course.
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  13. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    I don't think there's any kpop group that wouldn't get dragged for their past (or not so past) behaviour. The only problem with BTS is not even them, it's the whole mentality that the fandom has that somehow they are above everybody else and Can't Do No Wrong.

    Eventually one of them is going to pull some shit again - it's inevitable, they are people, men on top of that - and it will burst their bubble a bit. Though it's more likely Armys will dig excuses for anything like they did with 1D so I mean nñn hopeful thinking I guess.
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  14. [​IMG]


    I can't believe BTS will lead the socialist revolution.
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  15. This just reads like woke lip service

  16. Already posted this in the general Kpop discussion thread but I will post it here since BTS seem to have their own thread don’t drag me for this ddd
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  17. BTS - Love Yourself 轉 'Tear' (Album + Single Discussion)



    1. Intro: Singularity

    2. Fake Love [Title Track/"1st SINGLE"]

    3. Undelivered Truth (ft. Steve Aoki)

    4. 134340

    5. Paradise

    6. Love Maze

    7. Magic Shop

    8. Airplane Part. 2

    9. Anpanman

    10. So What

    11. Outro: Tear​

    BTS - Fake Love (Title Track/“1st Single”)

    V of BTS - Singularity (Comeback Trailer/“Promo Single”)

    Where to get the album


    Apple Music/iTunes Store

    Best Buy

    • May 18th: “Album Preview Show” on VLive
    • May 18th: Worldwide Album Release
    • May 20th: “2018 Billboard Music Awards” Fake Love Performance
    • May 24th: “BTS Comeback Show” Live on MNET and Youtube
    • May 25th: “Ellen Show” Fake Love Performance
    • TBA: "The Late Late Show with James Corden" Fake Love Performance
    • TBA: "Buzzfeed Celeb" Puppy Interview
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