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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by iamstrong, Sep 22, 2017.

  1. So far, all the concept/album photos have been uploaded:

    More can be found here:

    What are your opinions? There has been split between "it's too simple" vs. "it's good because it's subtle."

    For me, I personally like this more subtle approach. The album is supposed to be a more "serious" one and the photos have hinted towards the theme (red eye shadow to show puffy eyes after crying, tears falling down, etc.) in a nicely done way.
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  2. So excited to hear the new music, MIC Drop still gets played heavily by me. I was definitely late to the party but their music from each era has been excellent. Hopefully they continue the trend this time. Is the new single called 'Fake Love'? Looking forward to hearing it.
  3. It's so weird how there is hardly any information about this and it's out so soon.

    MIC Drop was pretty epic.
  4. According to a Korean press release, it's an "emo hiphop" genre song with groovy trap beat and a grunge rock guitar sound. So in a way, it's like continuing on Mic Drop and their past eras before they "went EDM" with DNA.

    Here is a 7 second sneak peak courtesy of the Billboard Music Awards Twitter account.

    It's short to judge but I like it a lot so far! Wanna hear the "emo" "grunge rock" part more. We got around 3 days until release!

    They decided to release all the information this week haha. There are a lot of updates. 1.) 1st teaser for the main single Fake Love was released and is linked in the OP. Also, the tracklist is out as well!

    2.) BTS has arrived in Los Angeles and just filmed performance for James Corden Show, will film for Ellen Show on Thursday, and will do the "Puppy Interview" segment with Buzzfeed Celeb. (You can send in your questions by clicking this link.)

    4.) BREAKING = BTS signed a distribution deal with COLUMBIA RECORDS! AND Fake Love will impact radio on the day of release. HOPEFULLY, they can both peak high and have longevity on the Billboard Hot 100 with their new single(s) this era. Not too worried about albums as them charting long and peaking at Top 5 is pretty much given when it comes to the Billboard Hot 200.

    I feel like they can outdo Mic Drop in terms of success and music this era. They gained more fans and they now have quite the backing.
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  5. 2nd teaser is out! We get to hear the song a bit more this time. According to people who went to the pre-recording of "The Late Late Show with James Corden", it's like an upgraded version of Blood Sweat and Tears. That same gloomy vibe marked with slick and sensual yet powerful choreography. Can't wait.

    Also I'm sad that everyone is releasing a new song or album the same day as BTS. I just wanted to see them do well/do better in terms of charting this era. They won't be able to reach #1 on a lot of iTunes charts worldwide due to all the big releases on same day. Hopefully though, they have a bigger impact overall. Their music and performance never fails so I can always count on that!

    I honestly prefer BTS to collaborate with artists/producers like them then with people like Zedd. The "really big ones" like him or Camila will definitely help them grow bigger but I kind of want BTS to have and keep a certain sound and that may be affected if they start collaborating for the sake of collaborating.

    Here is the masterlist of all the people that worked on each track of the upcoming album.


    (방탄소년단 = BTS and 적격 means "Appropriate for public broadcast")

    Do you guys peep any other known names?
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  6. The title track/"1st single" FAKE LOVE is out!

  7. Not really any instant huge singles but easily their best album by far.
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  8. That title track is kind of forgettable on first listen and I wasn't a fan of Singularity at all. But they sound good on the album. Taehyung and Jin look hot in the video.

    Listening to the album now, the B-sides are actually super strong.
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  9. I take it back about there being no singles, I’m shocked how much this has stuck and grew on me in 24 hours. And this is coming from somebody who has disliked at lesat half the tracks on most their albums.

    In the vein of Go Go, Anpanman is a little basic but WHAT A SUMMER BOP. Could be really big for them with a video and I can see it doing well on Western Radio.

    Fake Love is good but far from the best thing on here, that video makes it. Think this will be one of my albums of 2018.
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  10. Fake Love is such a grower, wasn't that bothered on first listen but love it now. The verses are very nicely and I love how haunting the last lines sound. Airplane, pt. 2 is my current fave album track. Looking forward to seeing their performance at Billboard tomorrow.
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  11. Legit rooting for them. Hope they get the #1.
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  12. Why is this not in the Kpop section?
  13. Because they've entered the mainstream to a certain extent. And because segregation is no more.
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  14. Billboard Live Performance

    I feel bad for not loving this initially, it's a great song.
  15. I just can't really get into these guys. Don't really understand all the hype, personally. May just have to listen to the album again.
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  16. For me, it's not so much about the music. It's about the performances, the dancing. They fascinate me on stage.
  17. Fair enough! I think it's their fans too that put me off of them (obviously not BTS's fault) It just feels way too forced and aggressive. I thought the 1D fandom was intense, BTS is on a whole other level.
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  18. Fake Love is great, I only heard it for the first time on the Billboard awards. I find them really captivating to watch. I can't figure out whether they are actually truly amazing or if the hysteria is sucking me in but I was into it!
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  19. It's the performance value that really draws me in, I'd gladly spend hours watching them perform. Their back catalogue holds some awesome music though, I wouldn't want to take that away from them. There's some real bops in there.
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