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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by iamstrong, Sep 22, 2017.

  1. They might actually get that #1 album.
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  2. Fake Love is quickly becoming one of my favourites from them.
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  3. #1 album in the US with 134k SPS according to Hits Daily Double.
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  4. Wow number one on BB200 with the album is an incredible achievement!
  5. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    Congrats to them for blocking Post Malone from having a fourth week at number one.
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  6. Ok, I said early this week that I was more into their performances than their music. But I've been listening to their albums (Wings/You Never Walk Alone, Her and Tear) and I'm really impressed. I think I became a fan.

    Boy Meets Evil, Pied Piper, First Love, Begin, Magic Shop, Anpanman, So What... they have a lot of really good songs plus amazing lyrics.
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  7. Sis, you're missing their two best songs:

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  8. Oh man, these kids really started from nothing. Both Jungkook and Jin were scouted to join other, more successful companies but they stuck with BigHit and had it rough. I remember when they were still living in that one-bedroom dorm and they were all in one room with bunkbeds. Look at them now. Oh, my God. I'm so happy for them.
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  9. Thanks! Both songs are great, excited to listen to the entire discography. And I have to say: I'm in love with Suga. His solo on Wings is so emotional and beautiful.
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  10. I absolutely adore Fake Love now, help.

    And wow at them getting No. 1 with the album!
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  11. Actually shocked they got to #1, so well deserved though, their best body of work and it shows with a strong fan base physical sales can still make the difference.

    Going to watch Airplane pt 2 performances to celebrate
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  12. Oh wow Fake Love has debuted at 10 on the Billboard HOT100 as well. What is going on!? Incredible.
  13. Rem


    Western music is over, omg. Now for a girl K-POP group to come through.
  14. BTS has truly made it in America. I am shook.
  15. They really have amazing lyrics. I'm obsessed.

  16. Yes, lyrically they're just great. Particularly the first 4 songs of this album. Honestly, Namjoon is a better songwriter than he is a rapper.
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  17. I love how Tyra has become their biggest fan.
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  18. I just came across the Rocking Vibe Mix, I think I like it more. Fake Love was a huge grower.
  19. It feels like Billboard has brain-washed me to actually take a listen to their music because all I see is tweets about them 90% of the time haha! But you know what, I actually like their music, and I am fascinated by their huge success. I mean, I have no idea what they are singing about but I like the melodies, the video concepts and choreography, you can see they are clearly talented.

    From this album the songs that stuck in my brain are Fake Love, Singularity, Airplane pt 2, Anpanman, So What and Tear but I honestly like the whole album.
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