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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Superloves, Jan 29, 2019.

  1. I think maybe because I got into them in 2017 so I’m probably a bit biased but yeah their b-sides have definitely gotten better. Dark & Wild, Young Forever and Tear are my top three. I just think saying that their newer releases are some of the worst in k-pop history is a tad dramatic but it’s all down to personal preference I guess.
  2. I got into them in 2017 too, right before the BBMAs. That's why You Never Walk Alone will always be a special album to me, it's the first BTS album I listened to. It also has some of their best title tracks in my opinion, with Spring Day, Blood Sweat & Tears and Not Today.
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    Hmmm this is all levels of wrong when back to Skool Luv Affair they had songs like Tomorrow, Spinebreaker and, of course, the Cyphers. I haven't liked a BTS album front to back since HYYH and as much as there are great b-sides in the newer albums, it's usually the songs that sound more like actually BTS than whatever EDM, Chainsmokers shit they keep trying to pull.

    Also in regards to your other posts, this sub-forum's hostility towards BTS has a lot less to do with BTS itself than the fans. "But every group has bad fans!" Yeah, but ARMYs admittedly are the biggest fandom thus the loudest and there's not a single day we don't have to deal with ARMYs in other platforms talking about how BTS is above kpop, and BTS is better than every other group because they managed to be successful in the US, and btspop this, BTS paved the way and yadda yadda. Adding that to the decline in quality of their singles which seems to be a consensus here, we just don't feel like engaging with that shit. I've posted about BTS in the past and have never been attacked for it, people in this sub-forum just don't want to have to deal with the fandom's loudness and arrogance. Not to mention there's already an overall hostility towards male acts which increases tenfold taking the fandom into consideration.
  4. Okay I probably shouldn’t have said they’ve gotten “better” and you actually
    mentioned some of their best b-sides, but rather that to me they’ve stayed in quality. But terms of the “EDM shit” they’ve only released about 3 EDM songs since from the Love Yourself series two of which were b-sides so I still don’t get when people come with this argument either.

    In terms of the fandom there are a lot of loud obnoxious ARMYs that irk my soul the whole “btspop” “bts aren’t kpop” argument I’ve always thought sounded cocky as even the boys themselves have said they don’t mind being called kpop so I don’t know why these fans are so loud about it but at the same time, the respectful fans, and there are plenty of them but people chose to ignore them, are simply just hyping up their achievments and it makes me proud to see them a group compete with some of the bigger western artists out there.

    Also I don’t think there’s an overall hostility towards female acts from ARMYs at least from what I’ve seen a lot of the fans do love female acts too and will call anyone out that that poses any kind of misogyny towards them. It’s mainly the vey net ARMYs that don’t listen to kpop or are fans of any other groups that drown out the decent diplomatic fans. I’m talking more in terms what I’ve seen on twitter rather than the forum though. I don’t know the full history of how they’ve been received on here.
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    Euphoria, DNA, Magic Shop, Best of Me, I'm Fine, Blood Sweat & Tears, Not Today. All of them in the EDM genre and in my opinion all of them range from unbearable to acceptable but still below average. BTS can do good EDM (they did it with Save Me and Dope for instance), but the ones released since late 2016 aren't it. My issue with those songs and the overall quality of the albums is that I like BTS' discography pre-Wings. I listen to Dark & Wild and HYYH constantly, and none of their new stuff has come close to it for me. So I don't get the hype for the new music when it's actually not that different from their kpop counterparts and precisely that lack of identity that makes it so their music gets criticized so much here and in other places. Again, I am a fan. I listen to the b-sides from the new albums that I like and I know they have better hidden in the albums, but I also know that, if I wasn't a fan, if I couldn't see past the title tracks, I wouldn't be bothered to go find the good music.

    I do think you've probably curated your timeline on twitter a lot for you not to see the majority of what ARMYs actually say. I don't doubt there are good fans, I myself follow a lot of them, but most of them aren't like that and it's pretty understandable that fans of other groups, of kpop as a whole, feel no need to interact with those. From what I've seen of most ARMYs is that they will call out misogyny only if it's directed towards the female idols they like. Otherwise they don't care or will even feed into it.
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  6. @Superloves, I hate to break it to you but BTS are just as manufactured as the rest. They have spilled their own tea (on V Live) regarding their frustrations post-YNWA. Hell, they can't even upload songs onto Soundcloud without their boss over seeing it.

    I have no problems with them outsourcing their writing and production. The issue is the level of micromanagement AFTER the success of Blood Sweat & Tears. It's at the detriment to the members, especially, the rap line.

    Anyone who has followed the group from the beginning can tell you how ridiculous their growth has been. The most significant period occurred in 2016. Domestically, Koreans paid them dust until it became cool to like them as a result of their unprecedented success in America and the UK.

    They were always going to out peak their own achievements. Period. Just look at their sales pattern. Little to do with their 'artistic growth'. Fandom size is also a horrible indicator of quality. KPop fans are infamous for bulk purchases, crazy streaming behaviour and bots. An issue that is deeply rooted in the genres culture.

    Without question there has been a massive drop in quality in terms of their singles. Save Me, BST, Spring Day and Not Today >>>>>>>>>>

    Finally, it's evident that you're looking for someone to agree with your opinions on the group. I took the time to visit the main KPop thread and no one canceled Sunmi. They were just irritated by the journalist. Their anger was simply misdirected.

    @eccentricsimply bang on!

    Fans typically get attached to introduction music regardless of quality. Their jazz lite and hip hop oriented sound has always been their best work.
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  7. I didn’t say they weren’t manufactured... Anyway, everyone can have their opinions of what they prefer I didn’t mean to bring down the mood of this thread. Anticipating the album coming next week.
  8. As a non-fan, BTS’ thread being in the k-pop subforum is probably for the best. Pop & Justice has its fair share of people who love trashing artists they don’t like just for the sake of it, and a lot of racist/misogynistic trolls lurk about there as well, and I don’t doubt if BTS become even more visible in mainstream western media, they’ll become targets.
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  9. Nominated for Top Duo/Group at the Billboard Music Awards!

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  10. Part of me wants to delve into BTS, crazy fans aside. I literally have no idea where to even begin, though. Any help?
  11. I would start with Love Yourself: Tear it’s a good eclectic mix of different genres yet still cohesive then work your way through the Love Yourself series. Then i’d recommend Young Forever: Epilogue it’s got some of their best songs on there too such as Autumn Leaves, Butterfly and Save Me. That’s at least how I started when I first got into them. Dark and Wild is also a great album too with a more hip hop and r&b feel compared to their newer stuff. It’s definitely worth checking out out their music videos. A lot of them have a story line going on which all connects and there are a load of theories that go with them too which I can never understand ddd but it’s a cool element to their art.
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  12. 3Xs


    Everything up to 2017's You Never Walk Alone is worthwhile. I'd skip the Love Yourself trilogy at first as it's... really not very good, especially the latter two. Key bops would be "N.O", "I Need U", "Run," "Fire," "Save Me," "Spring Day," and "Not Today." Then you can see which of those styles suits you most and try some of the albums/EPs they come from. Alternately they released a greatest hits album in Japan in early 2017 which collects all of their Korean singles discography up to that point called "THE BEST OF 防弾少年団 (KOREA EDITION)". You can easily download it by searching google or there is a youtube playlist here.

    Lord typing this out reminded me how much I actually really liked BTS before they completely fell off a cliff dddd
  13. I would start with the 'The Most Beautiful Moment In Life: Young Forever' and 'You Never Walk Alone' albums. I have to say I disagree with the comment above, while I agree that the title tracks aren't as good as they used to be, the album tracks are still really good in my opinion. 'Love Yourself: Tear' is actually one of my favourite albums. You could try "The Truth Untold" and "Outro: Tear" from that album, see if you like it. It's all down to your personal taste of course, but with BTS there's usually something for everyone.

    BTS have some great music videos too, I would recommend Blood Sweat & Tears, Spring Day, Not Today and Save Me to start with.
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  14. This. Also really love Paradise and Love Maze from Tear.
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  15. I have to say I wasn't expecting that.
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    Halsey? Oh well, there goes my excitement.
  17. Ugh I know there were rumours going round but I was really hoping it wouldn’t actually happen. It doesn’t sound too bad though.
  18. Same, I didn't want her anywhere near the album and yet there she is on probably the title track.. that has dampened my enthusiasm significantly.
  19. Pretty sure it is the title track unfortunately, welp.
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