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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by iamstrong, Sep 22, 2017.

  1. Any excuse to bring up this performance, which has been living rent free in my mind.

    Ugh, the current Prince of Pop, I've been obsessed ever since

  2. All these performances made me think of were that video of him saying his favorite body part are his thighs. Self-aware king!
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  3. The way he snatches his thighs and simultaneously snatches my wig and existence.


    It's the mix of having such a sweet, playful personality in real life, angelic voice, while being a total monster on stage for me. The appeal is very Prime Britney for me, which is the highest compliment I can give any current pop star.​

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  4. I am totally here for this comparison.
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  5. Booked and busy!

    In other news, I think his room is up next according to this.

    Big Hit's marketing team getting inspired by Taylor's Easter Eggs, that's what you call IMPACT!
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  6. BigHit have been doing the Easter Egg thing way before Taylor! ddd
  7. Dddd I didn't know this!

    Anyway, I'm literally counting down to Jungkook's photos. I need to see the tattoos in a photo.
  8. I'm screaming. It's gorgeous. He's gorgeous. Our true lover of music!

  9. Bring the bops, Jungkook!
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  10. Your bulldog stanning is admirable and fills me with energy. YOU GO SIS.
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  11. Me listening to Euphoria for the 38th time today:

    On a more serious note, if these times taught me anything, it's that life is too short and it's time to get rid of "guilty pleasures"! Watching their videos, listening to their music, fawning over Jungkook brings me joy and I'm happy to see them living their dreams, breaking new ground. Lord knows we need to see some reasonably good natured boys make it.
  12. ^^ Honestly makes the thread more lively! God knows we need it right now.
  13. Where my Jin girlies at?
  14. I find it hard to choose when they're all pretty cute and talented but I do have a soft spot for Jin. It's hard to be a full on stan since he's the one member of the vocal line who usually gets to sing the least but I adore him.
  15. Taehyung is my muse in an aesthetic sense, but Jin is the boyfriend I would want calling me from the grocery store asking what flavor of chips I want.
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  16. And you wouldn't be able to choose, but he'd pick out the perfect flavor because he is a damn foodie at heart.
  17. Also, Moon is in my top 5 Map of the Soul tracks. It’s a gorgeous song.
  18. We love a Jin-fueled power pop moment!
  19. Jim’s personality is so cute, but yeah V is probably the most good looking in an aesthetic sense. It’s a pity the Moon performance from the concert was... kinda bad dddd

    I obviously love Jungkook the most, but Jimmin’s dancing and endless shoulder moments got me feeling some type of way.

    Another thing that’s great is how they close they seem and how much fun they have with each other. I hope they’re not just good at “acting” because God knows I love my friends, but I don’t know if I can stand living with them and still loving every moment.
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