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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by iamstrong, Sep 22, 2017.

  1. Sorry for the triple post, but yet another case of Jungkook being RM's biggest stan. To be honest, none of them gave good answers though dddd

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  2. Their interviews are always kinda bad dd
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  3. Yeah they shine way more in a variety show/skit setting. Honestly, their handlers should book them SNL or something.
  4. Here I come again with the recommendations. They definitely have better interviews when they have free reign to do what they want. What I mean by that is when they’re just going silly their personalities shine through. These are two I go back to a lot.

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  5. Hope he has a speed recovery. I remember on the second day on the online concert it looked like he was in a bit of pain.
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  6. The puppies video was so precious. Taehyung was so into it the whole time. In general, I feel like they need more casual, “wackier” questions to bounce off from. SNL would be a match made in heaven.

    Among these, you can tell Jungkook tries the hardest to talk in English. I know learning a language isn’t easy, especially English when your native is Korean, but are they investing in English lessons for their overseas interviews?

    To add, is there anything Jeon Jung-kook can’t do??

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  7. SNL might be a bit tricky because of the language barrier and the difference in cultural humour. If done well it could be really good but there’s also that to consider. Also I feel like SNL hasn’t been funny in years ddd
  8. I was wondering if they could use something like live subtitle technology already or something. I think BTS's humor is also fairly universal. If they pull it off, it could be a moment, though. SNL for years has felt more like a celebrity vehicle than anything.

    Also, did anyone feel a bit sad when Seokjin said he doesn't have any friends? I guess that's a common thread among most celebrities, but I do wonder if K-Pop stars at least have a better support system because they're in groups versus someone getting as big as Bieber solo. I hope Suga gets well soon. Two huge album campaigns in a year looks exhausting.
  9. Poor SUGA, I can’t imagine how hard it must be to live with what is basically chronic pain at this point, specially as a performer. It’s also interesting that Big Hit didn’t shy away from mentioning his upcoming military service, I guess this is really happening for all of them.
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  10. Is there a certain schedule they have to follow or can they space it?

    On more positive thoughts

  11. They have to enlist before they turn 29, other than that it’s up to Big Hit. I’m not sure if thats in Korean age or international age, but either way Jin will be the first to go, as he turns 29 on December 4th 2021.
  12. Checking their ages, Jin and Suga have to join asap, right? That makes me feel... really sad.

    I'm not sure how it will affect the group, but I feel like losing them just when I started stanning ddd. Though honestly, if Big Hit plays it well, it can give them an extra narrative for years to come to extend their "shelf life". Imagine the drama of members having to leave and then come back.
  13. It will definitely be a good chance for them to explore their own interests with solo projects and sub-units in the meantime, and the eventual OT7 reunion will be an event.
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  14. Yeah, but I get that age is an actual issue, too so I hope Big Hit (well, most likely, they do), has a plan in mind on how to go about it. I'd probably just try to get all of them over with in the shortest time possible, though, because their age is a big factor in their industry.
  15. I think the smartest thing would be do like 3 or 4 batches, yeah.
  16. It would be amazing, though, if they can extend the boys' pop careers to their 30s. I admit I'm fairly new to K-Pop, but it seems like idols' big time in the spotlight are a bit more short-lived.

    My point of reference is Western acts, of course, because even though they have their peaks, the "main" ones' average hit-making potential is really around 10 to 15 years after they break out.
  17. King of blue!

    This is true for girl groups, they usually disband around 7 years (Apink aside, queens!), but boy groups can have a longer shelf life into their 30s.
  18. Another reference: my faves from Japan, AAA (a mixed group), lasted 15 years. They announced their retirement this year, but they left a little opening (so it could also be a hiatus). Each member is about 34 years old. They continue to work as solo-artists.
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  19. I love Jin doing the fanchant at 2:27
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