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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by iamstrong, Sep 22, 2017.

  1. BLACKPINK and TWICE are coming for longer, let's claim it!

    And aw, Yoongi's narration was the best so far, along with Jimin's.
  2. What a time it must have been a stan during the Wings era. Fantastic album!
  3. It’s 28 international age but Jin’s seems to have been pushed back to the end of next year.

  4. One of the best songs this year, if we're being honest! Get well soon, Yoongi!


    Eh, whatever, here’s another one

    A literal angel

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  5. So people think the colors of the BE background will mean these sub-units
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  6. Me with all these Easter eggs

    Ok, I have yet to really warm up to Hoseok, but his room is a serve, teebs. My favourites are his, Jin and Jimin’s.
  7. The fact Jung-kook still slays even with that mullet (I’m not receiving negativity on it at this time, sorry!)! He just has that consistent fire in his eyes, which is so great to see from a performer.

    And then, back in the interviewers, he’s still the most approachable thing ever. Ahhhh, my f*cking fave!
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  8. Started a new thread in Pop & Justice forum, fellow Armys! I'm really excited for this first album campaign as a stan. Hopefully, more people can discover them on there and we get more fans to engage.
  9. Ugh I'm dying to hear the new album. Can't wait for the MV teasers.
  10. So I only lightly dip my toe in BTS here and there, I can put names to faces and know a few songs but haven’t gotten too deep into them..yet. I randomly went down a YouTube rabbit hole watching clips of them last night and even more randomly ended up having a dream about V?...I had pegged myself probably a RM or Jungkook fan but apparently V had other plans, LOL.
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  11. V is known in the fanbase as the stan recruiter for a reason! Since I know you like some of the less obvious / non-single songs, you should definitely give his solo track Singularity a listen. It's very different for K-Pop! The video is easy on the eyes too.

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  12. You know I trust your taste so I will be diving into this!
  13. So to continue my very slow dive into BTS, I got the new album. Blue and Grey made me cry...If you’ve seen my posts in some of the other friends, you know I’m the over emotional/sensitive one and the mid-tempo/ballad defenders. (I had a similar reaction to an EXID ballad and it became my fandom favorite song of the group.) I’ve been watching some guides when I can too, definitely think I’m staying a V bias and at first I thought and RM wrecker but after watching a couple I’m shocked to say I think it’s Suga?
  14. If you like that type of song you should definitely check out more of their ballads.
    Jamais Vu and The Truth Untold are probably the most similar to Blue and Grey.

    Suga is an underrated cutie, and my favorite out of the rappers. He’s a good producer / songwriter as well, his solo song Seesaw is such a jam.

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  15. Join us in the album thread sis for BE discussions!

    Dis-ease and Blue & Grey are my faves from the album. I’m a new fan too and honestly, my bias changes because they’re all pretty great. Taehyung’s gesture for Jim’s birthday shot him straight to my top again.
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