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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by iamstrong, Sep 22, 2017.

  1. I was brain-washed too. I already consider myself an "army"...
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  2. Haha, I wouldn’t go that far for myself but I really like their music. Love Yourself Her is also very good. I decided to listen to the the album a few times before going further. So right now I’m at You Never Walk Alone.

    I don’t think I’ll ever be able to tell them apart, as racist as it sounds. Its not intentional, they all just simply look so much alike, especially in the videos when they wear makeup.
  3. Ouch, yeah I know this is unintentional but this is a little questionable.

    I was initially unable to distinguish them but now I can tell them apart easily, if you try to learn the rap and singing units separately it becomes a lot easier.
  4. In other news, the THIRD and final installment of Love Yourself is released this month. Her and Tear were both top shelf so my hopes are high. As much as I have grown to appreciate Fake Love i'm hoping for something a little more instantly bop-worthy as the lead this time around.
  5. Well, I haven’t seen too many videos and live shows, I mostly listen to the music on Spotify, and its been a few days. And when I do watch videos, I put the english subtitles so I can see what is the song about so that also distracts me. I’m sure I’ll manage in time, like you did. I don’t think its that questionable, I see plenty of comments where fans beg others to help them distinguish them - heck, I even noticed a video titled “how to distinguish BTS members” that 1 fan made. So I think that is the common first reaction.

    I see fans saying how they watch the videos over and over so they learn. Oh to be a teen and be able to do that but you know... life, work and all that jazz haha!
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  6. Of all the K-Pop acts to break into the US, I have no idea why it’s BTS.

    There are so many better artists - SHINee, EXO, Girls’ Generation, BlackPink etc
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  7. I'm not surprised people don't know BTS members that much because I know a lot of groups' members by name even if I don't like them that much but I still don't know like half of BTS' members.
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  8. Do they always sing live? Because when I look at their performances, they always dance like crazy so its impressive if they can handle all that and sing live.

  9. At first I just listened to the song and I found it a bit meh, its a typical boyband ballad. However, once I turned on the english subs, the lyrics are quite good and meaningful. So yeah, its a good song.
  10. I find it odd that the intros to each era just don't resonate with me, I generally feel so indifferent to them, yet their albums and comeback tracks are always so good.

    Really excited for this comeback, absolutely no idea what to expect. I don't believe they're actively promoting this release thought are they? Sure they're too busy touring. Going to be gutted if they release another banger like Fire and we're not blessed with insane live performances every week. I feel like it'll be similar to DNA and Fake Love though with it being part of the same era. Excited to see what either way, they deliver quality regardless.
  11. I really liked Singularity intro, it reminded me of old school RnB. In fact, a lot of their songs remind me of RnB which I really like and its the reason I started to like BTS.

    I watched the theme of Love Yourself the other day, that 8 minute video. I don’t get it, the concept of it. I guess it has a story but I’m clearly missing something. I also don’t get the Awake video.

    I love Fire, great bop.
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  12. I'm glad you're enjoying them! I became a new fan this year, too. I was always a fan of 2NE1 and f(x) and select other K groups, but BTS are truly doing something that's not limited to that microclass anymore. They are literally now playing stadiums in the USA and getting praise from Pitchfork and I'm so happy for them.

    Anyway, I noticed you were confused about Euphoria (the 8 min video, right?)

    So, I'm still learning all this, but there's a huge Alternate Universe/metanarrative that runs through ALL their videos from The Most Beautiful Moment In Life Pt 1 era onward (I Need U video onward). It touches upon classic sci-fi literature references and some serious philosophy (Eastern and Western) and is pretty complex. There are many, many YT theory videos if you look for them.

    A theory linking all of this is that Jin is actually removed from the rest of the members and stuck in an eternal time loop (Nietzsche's Eternal Return theory) -- the hell of being immortal. In fact, the new CB trailer for Epiphany seems to indicate this, too. So basically, Euphoria and Epiphany are very connected and we're about to find out just how.

    Here's some potentially useful links?

    I honestly don't even know if casual fans of the band are aware all this exists, but if you're in the mood for rabbit hole, don't say I didn't warn you haha.
  13. Use this as your entry and then discover Loona. It’s OK you don’t have to thank me x
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  14. Perhaps we should update the title of this thread to include Answer?
  15. Thanks! I will casually look at it, the fan theories scare me and I don’t like to be in any of the fanbases. I’m so glad this wasn’t that prominent when I liked Westlife, I didn’t see the obsessed behavior often as there weren’t Youtube or social media back in their heyday haha!

    I am just here for the BTS music. I like it because they change genres, they are not limited to the certain sound. Am I Wrong and War of Hormone are also very catchy. The only thing I find a bit silly is how they tried to look badass in Bulletproof video but they were so young, (what, probably 14-15) that I couldn’t take it seriously haha!

    I need to listen to Skool Love Affair and The Most Beautiful Moment in Life EPs, thats the only thing left, I think... I was also a bit confused by the releases haha!

    I’ll try to see the tranlations of the songs when I find the time because lyrics are usually important to me, I like to know what the song is about.

    It will be a shame if they will possibly lose the momentum after members go to military, I wonder if the band will manage to survive when that happpens.
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  16. I actually love that there is this story running throughout everything they do. It's very easy to enjoy BTS's music, videos and performances without knowing any of this. However, it does add an element of fun for their fans and I like that they're doing something different. It's really interesting that everything they do is connected, from social media posts to intro music to screens, I remember watching one of their performances and wondering how the misspellings on the screens behind them got approved, to later find out it was an intentional hint to their fans. It's fun and I can see why their is a group of their fans that really enjoy trying to figure it all out. Unfortunately, I'm not clever enough but as someone who studied philosophy it's really cool when I realise they're referring to something I've come across.
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  17. One thing I noticed thats cool is that all the members have their time to shine, whereas in many western boybands, 1-2 singers are the leads while the rest are rarely anything more than backing singers/dancers.
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  18. BTS have just sold out their first US stadium concert at Citi Field

    This is amazing. Apparently it only took about 20 minutes.
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