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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by iamstrong, Sep 22, 2017.

  1. BTS as basic as they come but they’re great perfomers, the songs are enjoyable and the videos are often good too. I’m happy to see them crossing over, even if I do prefer the girl groups’ songs.
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  2. jtm


    I just came here to say how amazing Idol with all its messy kitchen sinkiness is. 10/10.
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  3. Already on track to be the highest selling EVER in Korea.
  4. IDOL is definitely a polarizing track to start with. I personally do love it, but it took a few listens to get me there. See if you enjoy Trivia: Just Dance or I'm Fine from the new one (personal favorites rn) or give Tear and Her a listen. They are quite eclectic. Tear is the moodier/more reflective album (the Outro is outstanding) and Her features more optimistic, upbeat pure urban and electopop moments. Obviously many will argue The Most Beautiful Moment In Life series or WINGS is the best way to start w/ BTS and they are indeed brilliant, complex releases that really focus on a storyline. I just happened to start w DNA & Mic Drop and worked my way around intuitively from there - no regrets. (This coming from a Gen 2 fan, RIP 2NE1)
  5. When I first heard Idol I really thought they had lost it but then it does hit you. I mean it isn't Fake Love but it's good enough.
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  6. You really do need to give Idol a few listens, I was so disheartened when I first heard it. I thought the production was a mess, thought the flow on the verses was clunky. Then it hit me like a brick and is probably one of my favourites of theirs now.

    You do need one band or act that crosses over to build s bridge, BTS have a consistent output that is cohesive and accessible to the Weatern ear (as well as them being very characteristic and great entertainers).

    I’d love to see more bands and Girl groups cross over but without neglecting current fan bases it would have to be a new act. I mean I LOVE Red Velvet, and I’m certain Peek A Boo would have done well here and Bad Boy would have SMASHED if pushed correctly. The problem is so many of these acts also make songs like Power Up, #CookieJar and Red Flavour, which are so rich in bubblegum cutesyness in a way the bubblegum acts of thee 90s never even were that they would be widely rejected.
  7. Nobody has really crossed over to the mainstream, as reflected in top ~20 radio play or persistent top ~50 interest on audio streaming. BTS have steadily built a large fanbase over several tours that has reached critical mass where they can tour arenas and get #1 albums and they've landed a handful of key talk and award show slots as a result. That's kind of how most things are starting to work now though. Things like radio are a little less relevant every year.

    In that context there's other boy groups working away. GOT7 had their biggest tour yet with 3 almost sold out arena dates this summer, and I believe Monsta X is doing very well with large theaters. G-Dragon had the biggest Big Bang-related tour yet before enlisting and I'm sure they'll be back in some capacity after they're out of the military. Stray Kids and NCT seem to have a lot of early western buzz.

    On the girls side it sounds to me like Twice is going to push for a few American theater shows early next year and they're not wrong to given how much of the crowd was there for them at KCon. Red Velvet has already had a fan meet and wants a few shows too, though who knows if SM will listen to them. And YG will probably chase Twice with Blackpink if they are successful.

    Anyway Idol grew on me a good bit but I still don't like it as much as any of their recent singles. There are still elements that are kind of clunky or dated, experiments that didn't quite work. The instrumental intro is what is sticking with me the most. Well, it's a repack single anyway.
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  8. YouTube confirmed the news: BTS now has the highest 24 hour debut of all time. Send them flowers, Tay!

    They now have the #1 and #5 fastest growing videos of all time.

    As for other "K-Pop" acts breaking into the States in a similar fashion, I actually think that's mainly media hype. I don't see it happening any time soon and I wish certain publications would stop pushing that angle. BTS is in a pretty singular/historic position right now and we should allow for that.
  9. [​IMG]
    I love this moment.
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  10. dddd sis this is all happening cause 1D stans had nowhere else to go.
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  11. I’m sure there is actually some truth in this but I think there is more than that. The thing is, BTS didn’t all of a sudden become popular unlike 1D which had a hit with their debut song. BTS success came gradually with time, each of their release became more successful, bit by bit. I think many find them interesting because they dance, mix different genres like rnb, pop, hip hop and they have the songs that many people can relate to. On top of that, a few of them co-write all the songs and produce them.

    Another thing that I’m sure plays a big part is their image - they are not afraid to admit their thoughts or fears and they truly appreciate everything, they are aware it won’t last forever. There is no artificial drama, it seems they genuinely care for each other. I remember watching some documentary - 2 of the boys had a fight but it was very quickly resolved as all 7 of them sat together and talked it out - there was no sulking, talking behind someone’s back, nothing.
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  12. I'm sure there's overlap but most of the people I've encountered who enjoy BTS never 'stanned' a boy group before (including myself.) In fact, I'm not even a huge contemporary pop fan in general. And within K-Pop at the moment, there's nothing else I'm finding that special or unique at all. I kind of considered f(x) the Girls Aloud of Korea, but sadly they seem to be gone for good.

    Telegraph wrote a decent piece today:

    IDOL on track for #13 debut in the UK! Also possible two other songs will be in Top 100. Glad to see the UK following the USA on this one. I wonder if Popjustice will ever cover BTS? LOLOL. It's literally a hilarious blindspot at this point.
  13. You see I have to disagree, BTS have an incredibly strong discography which is why I'm glad they're the front runners out of the k-pop artists. Their music is diverse yet consistent and their performance levels are top notch. Unlike many other Kpop groups they also appeal to a diverse audience which is surely helping them cross over.

    IDOL is performing so well, I'm glad they're going to get their first top 40 hit over here and their 3rd top 40 album. Hoping they might add some more tour dates as a result as I'd love to see them perform live but it's impossible to get tickets. The song itself was instant for me, but the video had to take some growing. IDOL reminds me a lot of Fire, which is the song I first discovered by them and until now has remained my favourite. Looking forward to seeing them perform it on those Korean music shows.
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  14. I don’t agree that BTS is riding high on the backs of lost 1D stans but I think the idea that BTS has somehow crafted a discography so much more mature and palatable than other kpop groups that they’ve “crossed over” and gained this widely diverse listening audience is silly. They aren’t seeing huge success because they’ve moved beyond the typical teen girl fan type, it’s because they’ve cashed in the biggest on them.

    Soccer moms aren’t switching out their Pink CDs for BTS ones in their car, no one’s pausing Drake on Tidal to stream BTS instead, and even now after several televised appearances and performances and with the most insane Twitter cult known to man most people on the street still probably don’t know who they even are.
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  15. It does make me laugh when I read all these articles about BTS that suggests their success is due to the lyrics resonating with teenagers. I highly doubt most of their fans are in it for the angst and rebellion.
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  16. I think it's fair to say BTS has a strong discography, diverse sound, strong performances, all of that. I don't think it's fair to say that these things are "unlike many other Kpop groups." My main focus is on the girls of K-Pop, but looking at those:
    The whole concept of Red Velvet is based on a diverse sound. The whole concept of LOOΠΔ is appealing to a diverse audience through their wide variety of releases.
    Dreamcatcher built their reputation on their stellar dancing and stage presence.
    IU has a hand in writing most of her material.

    All the things people are saying make BTS unique, other people do. I'm not putting BTS down or saying they don't deserve their success, but saying BTS have this success because they alone have these positives is false. It feels like putting down every other K-Pop act to cheer on BTS.
  17. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    They got lucky. It's how life works, there's not much into it other than luck and good marketing.
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  18. Well thats the media, their fangirling on any group is obnoxious. The truth is that the social media helped a lot.

    To be fair though, I do think the fans do appreciate the lyrics and they can relate because they sometimes sing about hardships of millenials, the world and lonliness (Crow Tit, Am I Wrong, Lost, Whalien 54, Reflection, Could You Turn Off Your Phone..) I mean, the whole new album is about loving yourself which I’m sure is a good message people can relate to.
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  19. I'm really starting to love IDOL. It's so much fun live.
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  20. That Idol performance is next level, they are insanely good performers.
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