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Bubbles (Swedish Girl Group)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Musiquelover64, Apr 6, 2022.

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    They were a teenybopper girl group out of Sweden came out in early 2000s a few years before Play They were pretty successful in Europe they released 3 albums and faded out by like 2008.

    They had a song on the Ice Age soundtrack called "Somewhere"

    They also tried for Melodifestivalen (Eurovision) twice , first in 2003 with the song TKO (Knock You Out)

    Then Again in 04 with Blow The Spot

    Anyone remember or fans of these girls. I wonder where they are now
  2. Sorry to double post but since I couldn't add the video to the OP I'm posting it here:
    In 2006 Bubbles released the single "You Dog Me Out" which was supposed to be the lead from their 4th album. This sees them taking on a more mature look and sound with a R&B-lite flavor
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  4. To this day, one of the most random things in pop to ever happen is that they recorded a Christmas duet with Cathy Kelly of all people.
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  5. I forgot to post their debut single I forgot Happy Girl was their debut single
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