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Bucks Fizz 2015 Cherry Pop Definitive Editions.

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Tommy Johnson, Dec 5, 2015.

  1. That makes sense!

    Are You Ready is a good little album though I remain convinced that Hand Cut is their masterpiece.
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  2. Yeah Hand Cut for me too, the first album i ever bought, though i love them all , even the copy and paste Writing On The Wall. The expanded editions are amazing.
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  3. I still have so much to listen to on all the expanded editions, I only really got into Bucks Fizz this year with them and already they are one of my favourite groups.

    To think all these years I just played The Land Of Make Believe and not much else! They have so many good songs and videos. What an amazing run of singles When We Were Young/London Town/Rules Of The Game was!
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  4. It's criminal that they are mainly only remembered for Eurovision ( but hey at least they ARE remembered) and dismissed as cheesey pop- they are so under rated and made some brilliant, well produced pop records.
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  5. I've never been much of a fan of Making Your Mind Up and for a long time I had no idea they matured into the 80s pomp and bombast of When We Were Young/Rules Of The Game/New Beginning etc. I love them!
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  6. Oh, and I'd Like To Say I Love You is one of the great lost singles of the 80s! What a chorus!
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  7. Oh yes what a tune! Should have been a single, along with Are You Ready,Another Night and Love In A World Gone Mad & Thief In The Night
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  8. I love Making Your Mind Up for what it did for them , but every single they released after it was much better- Rules Of The Game being my absolute favourite.
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  9. Rules Of The Game is my favourite Bucks Fizz single too, madness that it flopped!

    I also adore When We Were Young, I love when the girls get a rare lead vocal.
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  10. Apparently The Fizz have upset some of their fans after offering them the chance to be in their new video, but only if you pledged £150, bought the album, took the day off work and made your own way there!
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  11. Worship does not come cheap.
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  12. I'm assuming this new album is all the original members of the group? I have to say I loved those first four albums in the 80s, but am not really interested in seeing what they have to offer now. I wish them well and all, but Bucks Fizz 1981-84 will suffice for me.
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  13. I'm not a huge fan of Rules of the Game really. It's great, but I wouldn't put it in their Top 20.

    I think Writing's on the Wall is a bit underrated overall as well.
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  14. Did you ever play the Writing On The Wall and debut albums anymore?
  15. Sadly not! Writing's On The Wall has to be one of the most disappointing albums I've ever bought, after the magnificence of New Beginning (Mamba Seyra) there is hardly a memorable song on it. You can see why they immediately went down the dumper after that brief but glorious Top 10 comeback. The debut sounds too 70s for my tastes too.

    I Hear Talk is OK and Hand Cut has become one of my all time favourite albums so all is not lost!
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  16. I found a copy of their 1983 Greatest Hits LP last week, already own it on CD but that cover artswork is so fabulous, so had to buy the LP too. Playing it on my turntable now
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  17. Looks like Remixes and Rarities is back in print?

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  18. Just discovered the 'Original Version' of She Cries from the I Hear Talk Definitive Edition is different to the 'Original Version' of She Cries from the first Lost Masters. Mind Blown!
    Different production, mix and a different vocal take for much of it!
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  19. It must confusing collecting Bucks Fizz as there appear to be many alternate versions and post-original mixes and edits. Hard to know what is definitive?
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  20. They were on the revived Never Mind the Buzzcocks on Sky a few weeks ago... in the identity parade round. It was a bit embarrassing... but hey, a paycheck is a paycheck.
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