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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Hudweiser, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. At 28 even I''m too young to really remember the Fizz, but I bought their budget Greatest Hits CD for The Land of Make Believe and was surprised to find some really great gems on there.

    Aside from My Camera Never Lies (which I was totally unfamiliar with), Rules of the Game (someone should cover this!!), I Hear Talk, Run for Your Life, New Beginning - Mamba Seyra, Golden Days...all great tunes!!
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  2. They were suprisingly bigger than most people remember, 3 number ones! Cher also covered one of their later tracks ''Heart of stone'', ''My camerrerra oh oh'' was another, quickly forgotten, number one. The number of line up changes, which even Sugababes would deem excessive, tainted their memory somewhat though.
  3. There''s a greatest hits coming out with a DVD of all their vids - tackalicious! I can''t wait!
  4. ''Now Those Days Are Gone'' is amazing. I reckon Christina Aguilera could well be a secret fan. The song could be a template for ''Beautiful'' and the video is a nicer take on this current ''Force''s Sweetheart'' nonsense.
  5. ''Let me tell you about Jay Aston...''

  6. please do, she was utterly fantastic.

  7. It''s a quote from ''rock Profiles'' with Matt Lucas and David Walliams, I actaully don''t know anything about her!
  8. I liked the Fizz but much prefered Dollar.
  9. Weird...I just read on wikipedia that ''The Land of Make Believe'' is supposedly an anti-Thatcher anthem!
  10. She''s amazing, man. Not a day goes by without me doing her ''Shape Up With Jay Aston'' aerobics workout LP... she could''ve been in Toto Coelo. She had attitude, hair and was hated by the other three (probably). She was the Geri to their Spice Girls.... when she jumped ship in 1985, she should''ve had a little new wave pop solo album out but she was caught up in record label red tape for years after she broke her contract. Poor thing. To be at one with the Jay, you need the following essentials:

    When We Were Young (esp video)
    Thief In The Night
    London Town (esp video)
    Oh Suzanne (Jay vocal from ''Lost Masters'')

    The perfect introduction has come and gone however - '' A Night Of A Thousand Jay Astons'', the stage show by Johnny Woo. Justice For Jay!
  11. Did you ever see David Van Day and Mike Nolan on This Morning, when David Van Day was part of Bucks Fizz (in the days where Bobby Gee had split off and had his own "Bobby Gee''s Bucks Fizz")?

    It was hilarious.

    All Richard Madelely wanted to do was talk about Bucks Fizz and their hits. He clearly didn''t know a single Dollar song and cared less. I remember David Van Day kept trying to butt in and play up the fact that "Bucks Fizz v2.0" were performing "lots of Dollar songs as well" but Madelely just kept on about Bucks Fizz. Lovely stuff.
  12. You mean BUCK$ FIZZ... that ''$'' was very important.
  13. Samuel

    Samuel Moderator

    Does Jay Aston, yes Jay Aston still have her witches gun and broom?
  14. With all the groups I like, I don''t remember them at their peak, but from what I''ve learned, I don''t think I''d have liked Jay much, she has that drama queen moody thing going on, plus Cheryl had her Eggs & Baker show (which I *do* remember, every Saturday before Going Live).

    Everything seemed focused on Jay, not too far removed from the reasons I prefer Frida to Agnetha.
  15. Jay is quite simply a goddess, her solo work is so worth checking out. Cheryl is actually called Rita Crudgington, which is, quite frankly, unforgiveable
  16. Samuel

    Samuel Moderator

    ''Let me tell you a little something about Jay Aston, yes Jay Aston!''
  17. Nah, don''t like her. Been looking at pictures of them in their inlay cards and she just looks moody and ungrateful to be there, which ties in with her later comments about not having any good memories about her time with BF. Conversely, I met her replacement, Shelley, at some mini-gig and she was super-nice.
  18. Pah, Shelly who. Jay was the queen of Bucks Fizz... she left and they tanked.
  19. I think they tanked long before she left; and, if gossip is to be believed, partly because of her affair with the producer/writer. Consequently, said producers (who were married, hence bad vibes) gave all lead vocals to the old guy, thus losing the Abba-style pop spark, rendering them a bit dud. This is why I''ll always prefer Cheryl and Mike, the innocent bystanders.

    And Shelley was around when they scored a hit with New Beginning, which is undeniably one of their best songs, if not one of the best pop songs of the 80s.
  20. Well, Jay was the star. The 4th album was a bit strained due to the affair but it takes two to tango... had she sang more leads on those later singles, they would have been bigger hits. Cheryl has been a bit of a moany cow about Jay but Jay hasn''t said a word. I know which I prefer. Shelly was a replacement for Jay. If she needed replacing, she must''ve left a big hole... The Geri to their Spice Girls.
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