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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Hudweiser, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. Mixed feelings about this, I love Cheryl getting the work, and promo is promo, but makes me sad that this means Strictly will never happen now.

  2. What is with all these boy/girl groups returning to kill us all with such amazing music? Love the gothic concept.
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  3. I do like Jay back being part of the group. It really does take me back to 1982, happy days.
  4. Loved that! The gothic-horror theme really suits the song well, Jays opera bits were great (I thought they were Cheryls in the single remix), and I'm all for the two girls leading the group <mumble mumble> how the old group should have gone <mumble>

    Not sure about the idea to put "The Fizz" on headstones in the background though!

    I can't believe just how great this new era has turned out!
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  5. In a world where getting music played on TV is super hard I have to applaude The Fizz for popping up all over the box, they've done really well. Considering this is their first album for 30 years they have had a hell of a lot of air time. Amen is great live anyway but the gothic twist really works.
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  6. They seem to be picking the right tracks to highlight the album as Up For The Fight is due for single release on 24th November. Hopefully with some great remixes.
  7. Strong performance of Amen. Well done to Cheryl - lovely vocals.
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  8. Oh you can always rely on Cheryls vocals!
    I would have preferred Break The Ice, but maybe (hopefully) thats being saved for a January release and performed on Dancing On Ice!
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  9. Pye


    I love the '7th Heaven Club Remix' and the video. Is that Cheryl's daughter playing guitar in the video? I was hoping they would get a spot on Strictly Coming Dancing but it does not look like that's happening this week.
  10. I believe so yes, she wrote the track.
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  11. I am really enjoying this album. I secretly hope for a rerelease in the new year with 4 or 5 extra songs.
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  12. What's the best thing on YouTube for me to watch to learn more about their history and Music?
  13. Thanks for posting that album megamix, it made me want to listen to the whole album, which I now have. I'm surprised how much I enjoy it! It doesn't sound that different from some of their 80's songs, which is a good thing obviously.
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  14. The Fizz in the charts and back with a bang, I bet Bobby G is kicking himself :)
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  15. Such a shame.
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  16. I finally got around to watching The Bucks Fizz Story, and it really is great, loads of stuff there that I never knew about. But it doesn't give any clue really as to their beef with him (Bobby G), he actually comes across as quite reasonable and it's Cheryl and Mike who come across quite bitter about it. They talk about him being quite pushy, Mike moans about him getting all the leads on latter singles (but that can't be just down to Bobby being pushy they had managers and producers), but other than that it can only be that it was Bobby who invited DVD into the group (when Mike wasn't in it any more) who then sought Mike out after he left and then caused all Mikes woes, but that again was hardly Bobby's fault!

    My only thought can be is that they resent him not coming back into the Cheryl/Mike/Jay version those few years back (and bringing the name with him) but he had set up his group and I presume was making a living so he wasn't beholden to them. Hopefully their new "success", the finding of a decent name and being so happy with other-Bobby in the group will ease the bitterness as time goes by.

    Particularly when their hatred should be aimed at the real villain of the piece, Nichola Martin, oh what a horrible woman! Actually cackling with glee about how relatively little the group were making whilst she was racking it in, and generally just taking joy in any bit of issue that befell the group.
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  17. I enjoyed the DVD though the editing left a lot to be desired.
    Bobby G seemed fine though his Bucks Fizz act looks so cheap.
    The new Bobby definitely seems to fit The Fizz and where they are right now.
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  18. I read on twitter Bobby McVay has left - something to do with the constant travelling and him living in Italy.
    Has this been confirmed anywhere?
  19. Oh bloody hell, just when things were looking up for them! He seemed really into it, so odd he didn't think the travelling thing through.
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  20. Oh no. Hope not, although he was my leave favourite.
    They could easily carry on with as a 3.
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