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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Hudweiser, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. If Lisa Scott Lee can commute from Dubai he certainly can from Italy!

    I agree, just carry on as a three without him and give more leads to the girls. Sorted.
  2. As much as I agree that this is probably the best solution, and I'm all for the girls vocals being front and centre, but it just continues to make them look a joke with yet another lineup change, just when I thought they'd managed to gain some respect and good will.
  3. With all due respect that Bobby was not a part of the original lineup so it matters a lot less than say if Cheryl had left. I prefer Cheryl and Jay on lead vocals anyway so I'm probably biased! Look how good Amen turned out, it's a real album highlight.
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  4. It’s a shame if he’s gone as he was likeable & fitted but the dynamic works better as a foursome.

    Simply take a generic middle aged male with blonde highlights, & an okay voice between a certain height/ weight ratio & balance will be restored.

    We already know it doesn’t feel right as a trio as we have already had that era.
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  5. The problem is they already had "some random guy" making up the fourth before ditching him for Bobby, he was far too young though. Bobby just fitted well. It is such a mess. I would suggest getting Gee back, but I know that is never going to happen!
  6. Someone posted on Twitter about Bobby leaving and how they would miss him and Cheryl 'liked' it so I take from that that it's true.
  7. I love the Sugababes!
  8. Get Jade Ewen on the phone.
  9. #SOON.
  10. Bugger. I’ve only had the album a month.
  11. You can still listen to it!
  12. I know, I know. Still a shame though.
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  13. Lisa Scott Lee would NEVER.
  14. Hev from the Honeyz teas tho.
  15. So I'm very pleasantly surprised as to how well Cheryl is doing on Dancing On Ice, ok, not in her skating ability, but how popoular she obviously is to avoid the skate off these last few weeks. I'm loving it, particulalry her not taking any shit from Jason. She also looked amazing in her main dance outfit!
  16. ...and Cheryl's out of Dancing On Ice, bugger! She really did great though, and was so gracious in defeat. I totally love her!
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  17. Here we go the new Fizz Video
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  18. Wow this era just keeps on giving, decent video for 4th single! Shows that someone has some faith in them which bodes well for the future, I only hope the rumours of Bobby MkII leaving are unfounded.
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  19. The Fizz are showing many current popstars a thing or two about how to run a decent album campaign. Love that we are getting videos and remix EPs for each single.

    I want a video for Break The Ice and especially Control Freak next!
  20. Another welcome but unexpected surprise. I assumed Cheryl’s exit from Strictly would have wrapped up the campaign. I’m pleasantly surprised they have not. (Streaming issues aside), it will be interesting to see if Cheryl’s recent TV appearances will boost interest in this release.

    Very happy they somehow convinced Mike Stock to stop being lazy & not rely on covers for the main album.
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