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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Hudweiser, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. They somehow managed to get Mike Stock's creative juices flowing again - can't remember the last time he wrote some good songs and not kiddie crap!
  2. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn it was a contract stipulation before hiring him.
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  3. Thankfully much better than the last video.
  4. So they were on Good Morning Britain yesterday, generally nothing of note, same 'ol same 'ol pre eurovision talk (and certainly not worth negotiating the annoying adverts on the itv hub - but if you do, they are the very last segment of the show) except for two tid bits:

    The Bad: Bobby mkII has indeed left them (left in January) and they are a three piece again.

    The Good (well great!): They are back in the studio with Mike Stock in the next couple of days to record a new album! Yes, album was mentioned, not just extra tracks!

    So although Bobby leaving IS frustraiting, to be getting new music so soon, and the fact that the girls will be very much front and centre (because as we know, Mike doesn't really have the chops bless him), and after Amen we know they still have it, is fantastic! Lets hope Cheryl has been raiding her daughters song book again too!
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  5. An album of Cheryl and Jay lead vocals with songs of the calibre of the last album sounds amazing.
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  6. Wouldn't hurt getting in a couple of session singers (male) to help ramp up the harmonies though.
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  7. Nah, I'm good with the girls!

    My favourite Bucks Fizz songs are Rules of the Game, When We Were Young and Cheryl's lead vocal on Heart of Stone so that explains that!
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  8. Can't argue with any of those, but I'd add in Tears On The Ballroom Floor too!
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  9. Actually, Bobby 2.0 always felt like a little annoying kid during interviews. I think they will work well as a 3-piece and very happy to hear them say about a new album. Maybe it will be out later this year then?! I hope it's more than 8 songs......!
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  10. I hope Mike Stock continues to remember he’s a songwriter (not just a producer) and leaves cover versions alone!
  11. Great news that there will be another album!
  12. Amen.

    Pun intended.
  13. Whilst cooking Valentines dinner I thought I'd have a bit of a Bucks Fizz Girls fest on Spotify, starting with When We Were Young, imagine my discust when some tinny instrumental came on with some weak arsed vocals which I can only imagine belonged to a Gs-Bucks-Fizz random girl....it felt like a hate crime! Bucks Fizz's Spotify really is such a mess because of it. Thankfully I found the original and got my life, followed by Rules Of The Game (which should have been the single order) both songs just sublime, and the definition of popinjustices.
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  14. Their two best singles! Rules of the Game, When We Were Young and London Town are my holy trinity.
  15. London Town? Oh sis! That song spoilt the momentum, I enjoyed it enough at the time, but it really wasnt good enough. Should have been WWWY, Rules, Greatest Hits album then Oh Suzanne. London Town is b-side material at best.
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  16. It was one that really grew on me over the years, never used to like it at all. It's so anthemic (to me!)

    I must check out Oh Suzanne, don't remember that one...
  17. Do we know if they recorded any more songs for The F-Z of Pop or was it just the one's we heard?
  18. What’s the one on the vinyl like?
  19. It's alright actually. They should have included it on the album.
  20. Unfortunately every interview is about Eurovision/Skirt Rip/Why they are a 3/Who's Bobby etc, not actual stuff we want to hear like how much they recorded for the album or where they may take things next, sigh.
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