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Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by Fascination, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. I’ve tried searching for her but with no luck so if there’s already a thread... apols.

    Pretty decent if not a bit faceless of a bop but I heard it on the radio at work and it got stuck in my head.
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  2. This is quite the bop.
  3. the whole EP is brilliant
  4. I was going to enter this in the PJSC this month. Love it
  5. New video for her song, Lines:

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  6. So this isn't a new release but I just came across her really great feature on an interesting and completely brilliant track by Blitz//Berlin:

    I know this isn't technically "her" song but her inclusion on it gives me a lot of hope that she'll be the sort of left-field pop girl that will blow up this year. Even the tracks on her EP, which are all incredible pop songs, have a bit of a unique, maybe-not-entirely-pop twinge to them.

    Which reminds me, I take back the use of the word "faceless" in my original post. The EP is oozing with personality. I have sincere faith that she'll make huge waves this year, even if it's just domestically.
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  7. Only three tracks of hers out there at the moment (3 track EP 'Damaged. Vol 1) but all sound really promising.

    Lines is the one.
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  8. Heard 'Not a Love Song' on Top 40 radio yesterday. Bawp.
  9. Fucking hell, this is brilliant.
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  10. The EP is definitely not the sort of road I thought she'd take but I'm obsessed. SAD AND BORED being that depressed bop is certainly a surpise.

    You & Jennifer is hilarious though. Such a great song and I love the lyrical content.
  11. Thought Not a Love Song was a one off, but You & Jennifer is great
  12. "you and jennifer" is massive. I even hear some frank ocean influence on the verses, and the chorus is absolutely disrespectful I love it.
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  14. I've just heard Sad and Bored for the first time and I'm loving it. Detached bop.
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  15. This girl knows her way around a nice chorus. "Stranger" by Sigrid sounds like one of her tracks and would have made a nice fit for her.
  16. I have since listened to both of her EPs and I love her. She's an earworm machine.
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