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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by ADolla, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. Any Buffyverse fans on here?

    Any Buffyverse fans who did NOT understand Firefly/Serenity one bit?

    Any Buffyverse fans who long, long, LONG for a massive Buffy/Angel movie one day?
  2. Hot_Mess29

    Hot_Mess29 Guest

    I used to be a huge fan but I was so young I can't remember a single episode, I might get one of those big dvd sets I ALWAYS see at least twice in shopping centers.
  3. It would be a worthy investment. Last year over a few weeks in November and December me and my boyfriend watched the entire series of Buffy and got to about season three in Angel before giving up.
  4. I was a huge fan back in the day but whilst some of Buffy Season 6 was good, it really did go downhill from Season 5 onwards. I know a lot of people disliked Season 4, but I really felt that despite Season 5 ending with Buffy dead it would have been best to call it a day there and then.

    I loved Angel for the first two or three seasons, but the terresetial scheduling in the UK was messed about so much that I ended up giving up.

    Never bothered with Firefly.

    I've watched the first two episodes of Dollhouse and I'm undecided about that.
  5. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    I loved both.

    Angel went crap after Doyle died.
    It got better again but also very confusing.
  6. I loved Angel, Buffy not so much...
  7. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    I missed half a series of Angel and in that time they'd got a load of new cast members and I never caught up.

    I always think Buffy lost something once they left school, but the addition of Dawn brought back some of the old magic.
  8. Buffy is my favourite show.

    I really want a movie!

    I haven't long since finished watching all the seasons. Seasons 3 and 4 are my fave. It went downhill a bit in season 6 and 7. More filler...I was sad that the 8th season never happened.
  9. This just reminded me I have to reply to a certain PM about this topic that I totally forgot about. I'm a Buffy nut though I could never get into Angel or Firefly. If I did ever watch Angel though it was generally just for Cordy or Fred, I loved Fred.
  10. Series 5 was fucking amazing, I don't think any television could top it. (Aside from maybe Once More With Feeling and Tabula Rasa from Series 6).
  11. I always get my Buffy seasons confused. But I did rather enjoy it "at the time".

    Season 1 was 'ok', but it didn't get into it's stride until Season 2. I can remember finding Drusilla captivating - she is still one of my favourite villains ever. And "Becoming" was genuinely moving. Season 3 was absolutely amazing - I adored Faith, and I loved the Buffy/Angel relationship.

    Season 4 was crap from beginning to end (pining Riley, Adam, the crap Uni life), with the exception of "Hush" which is probably the best Buffy episode. The finale with the whole 'first slayer' crap, was quite the opposite.

    Season 5 was good up to the point of Joyce's death, after which the show became so morbid and introverted. After that point, it had a few flashes of brilliance ("Once More With Feeling", Anya's one liners etc.), but from then on i think they just went too far. They brought Faith back and ruined her character, they killed Tara (why?), and the whole of Season 7 felt taxing. The headmaster dude was a lame addition. Spike and Buffy's love/hate relationship was self indulgent crap.

    And i hated Angel.
  12. Oh, I HATED Dawn. I always felt the fact she stayed after Season 5 was unnecessary but I suppose the writers were trying to add a new dimension to Buffy's character in the sense she pretty much had to mother her sister or whatever.

    Speaking of mothers, the episode where Buffy's Mom died (or the one after - whichever) was amazing and is one of few times anything on TV has made me feel genuinely sad.

    I think one of my favourite Buffy characters was definitely Faith. Loved the crossover they did in Buffy Season 4/Angel Season 1 involving her too. This has actually made me realise I've never watched Season 7. It might sound ridiculous but the only episode of Season 7 I've actually seen is the series finale and possibly one of Willow and Giles in the UK(?)

    I think one of the things which made me switch off during Season 6 was I hated the geeky villains and not to mention the road they went down with Spike. They totally ruined his character; watching the series finale did nothing but enforce this opinion even more.

    Killing off Tara and then pairing up Willow with somebody else (from what I gather) by the end of Season 7 seemed wrong. It really does seem like Tara was only killed off for the shock factor - apparently Joss Whedon had always wanted to promote a secondary character to regular/main cast status then kill them off in the very same episode just because it would be so unexpected.
  13. That would be mine I take it! All I've PMed Smoke My Cigar about lately is how much I love Buffy. I love it all and I've never understood the hate for season 7. No TV show that I can think of manages to cover so much ground so skillfully. It's funny, dramatic, heartbreaking and there are just some episodes that a so well crafted/directed that nothing on TV has come close to competing with them. I've never felt so attached to a show since Buffy ended. I liked Angel too although I've onyl seen it once all the way through.

    Firefly was brilliant as well. Joss managed to bring depth to the sci-fi genre which I've always thought was severely lacking.
  14. Looking back, Season 7 was just a complete non-event wasn't it?

    Seasons 2 and 3 were almost perfect. Becoming is the best 2 hours of TV ever made, whilst series 3 just felt so consistent throughout.

    Season 5 was enjoyable, but Dawn got annoying, especially with her constant "get out, get out, GET OUT" teenage fits. And I know it's unpopular but I loved the Dark Willow storyline of season 6.

    I liked Angel more than other posters on this thread, especially when Darla and Drusilla crossed over. His son did get on my nerves though.

    Never watched Firefly. Never felt the need.
  15. I recently got Seasons 1 & 2 of Buffy. They were as good as I remember. I think the series lost some spark after Angel left for his crappy solo show but I like Spike's inclusion a lot. I always felt the lesbian Willow stuff was gratuitous and made no sense to her character at all. My favourite 'Big Bad' was Glory who was probably the first real baddie to give Buffy a proper challenge.

    There's always some sort of epic Vampire Romance going on in pop culture isn't there? I wonder what it is that fascinates people about Buffy & Angel, Mick & Beth, Edward & Bella, Sookie & Bill etc.

    (I might be in a minority but my favourite American television series ever is Veronica Mars and there's news of a potential movie which makes me very happy.)
  16. I loved Buffy but I thought there was loads wrong with it and by series 5 had kind of lost interest somewhat.

    Firefly however is probably one of my most favourite things ever. It's amazing, it took a couple of episodes to get into but then I was hooked.
  17. debord

    debord Guest

    I really enjoyed Season 7. I mean it was far from perfect but it was so confident and self-aware.
  18. I think that's why I enjoyed it too. It just felt a bit more 'grown up'. I just really liked the feel of it, even though I can't really put my finger on why.
  19. debord

    debord Guest

    It had lots of nods to the series’ history and some episodes that very consciously aped first and second season episodes, but overall it retained the darkness and maturity of more recent seasons. The whole ‘First Evil’ thing wasn’t really executed very well, I thought, but it was a brilliant way to get loads of old characters back. The end of the first S.7 episode where the First turns into every ‘Big Bad’ in turn was brilliant
  20. I love Buffy, quite enjoyed Angel but it took Drusilla, Darla and Fred for me to get really heavily into it. Firefly was fucking brilliant (as was Serenity).

    I don't think there's a single season of Buffy I don't love, they all have their flaws, but they all have their fair share of absolutely amazing television.
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