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Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by ADolla, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. You mean the real pilot?

  2. Glory is such a damn icon. Drusilla too.
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  3. Too much sex? Maybe....BUT Buffy An

    and Spike fucking and falling through the floor is some of the best tv ever.
  4. BTG


    Nawt this discussion of the SMG/stunt double drama without someone mentioning the fact that the stunt coordinator (who was married to the Buffy stunt double) going on a Buffy forum back in the day and posting this shite:

  5. I don't blame Sarah for taking time for herself. She went from Swan's Crossing to All My Children to Buffy to movie stardom. All that work and those long days on set.

    She was on All My Children for a few years, and soaps are notoriously difficult. All those pages to memorize, plus Kendall (Sarah's character) was in many front-burner stories with the show's main star Susan Lucci.

    Then she wins an Emmy, goes on to be the lead in Buffy. So, of course, again, she's in almost every scene. And then becomes a movie star not long after. I can't blame her one bit for just enjoying life these days since she has pretty much been working since she was a child. And however she handled her work-life-balance and stardom is her business, but obviously she handled it very well.

    I do think she'll come back in another iconic role.
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  6. I really want her to get a meaty role on a cable show. She’s so underappreciated as an actress. The only shows she’s done since Buffy have been the one with Robin Williams and Ringer right? She needs a good project a la Big Little Lies for Reese.
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  7. She did an HBO pilot years ago that didn’t get picked up. I’m not aware of anything else.
  8. Sarah has two new projects in the works which are now obviously on hold.

    The limited series Sometimes I Lie and a pilot for Fox called Other People's Houses. Both have been in the works for a year now. I hope atleast one of them goes according to plan.

    They sound interesting.
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  10. I never got into Buffy and Spike
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  11. Ddd this comes up every year in this thread but Sarah being “difficult” on Buffy has always been an internet forum creation not grounded in reality. Imagine doing 18 hour days for seven years, doing physical training in your down-time, movies in your only time off and holding down a new relationship. 14 year-old fans back in 2003 created this narrative based on “she didn’t voice herself in the video game - she HATES the show” or “she doesn’t hang out with Alyson on weekends anymore!”.

    I remember when Sarah first joined social media, she essentially put out a tweet which said how grateful she was for the show and its fans. It was so earnest and out of the blue, it felt that she was aware of the perception and wanted to make sure people know that it wasn’t correct.
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  12. I’m rewatching and I’ve just got to Surprise/Innocence. It really was a turning point wasn’t it?

    Buffy and Angel are still that TV power couple.
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  13. As much as I stanned Sarah in the role of Buffy and Cruel Intentions, I personally found her acting in some of her most recent projects quite jarring to watch.
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  14. I always loved season one and thought it was good 90's teenage fun until the internet told me it was bad. Nevertheless, I still love it. Season 7 is the only season that I think was legitimately bad.

    I love how each ep in season one ended with a dark little twist e.g the body-switching ep where they pan to the trophy and you can see Amy's mum.
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  15. I agree - I've never thought her a brilliant actress overall but that comes down to the projects too I suppose - in Buffy she's exceptional, I guess like anyone she just needs good material. I unapologetically love Ringer but her howling - SIOBHAAANN on that CGI boat will forever stay with me.
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  16. Omg that boat scene will haunt me forever
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  17. Sarah's humour is basically just like Buffy's. I've noticed when she's on talk shows it never translates well. We would get it. The host not so much.

    It was a role of a lifetime and she's more than aware of that and very grateful and appreciative now towards the fans of the show. Especially since she's joined social media which she was very apprehensive about. But look at her now.
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  18. Maybe she was exhausted and didn‘t appreciate it back then but she does now and that is just fine too.
  19. Sarah was the one doing the majority of scenes, the majority of night shoots, the majority of fighting/martial arts training, like so fucking what if she didn’t want to spend her few spare minutes on a set she practically lived on for 7 years.

    The other actors had it nowhere near as difficult.
  20. Witch is a great first "monster of the week" episode.
    The girl's mouth vanishing is a good image, as is the eyes in the statue at the end. I forgot how heavily they played the Xander is secretly in love with Buffy stuff.
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