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Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by ADolla, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. Amber Benson should have been in the credits since Season 5, her part in the show was no less than Anya’s and Emma Caufield was in them.
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  2. She was in the cast photos for both season 5 and 6, so I always wondered why they hadn't made her a series regular. I'm sure it had to do with the WB/UPN budget, but I still found it odd. Joss adding her to the credits for the episode she died in is an absolute gag. The original troll.
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  3. In hindsight, that's kind of weird, isn't it?

    I suppose it had something to do with money.
  4. That last episode credit was done completely to keep the surprise of her death
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  5. It was money. He also originally planned Jesse to be in the credits for Welcome to the Hellmouth but the budget wouldn’t stretch to cover his salary as a series regular for one episode.
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  6. Nice to see The Body of Hush for a change, that episode was HARROWING. I remember just being numb when I watched it as a child. Hush is amazing, and the one truly scary buffy episode but The Body was just so brilliant.
  7. I'm glad to see Normal Again on the list. I'm not a huge Season 6 fan but I thought that episode was so depressingly well done. Never been huge on Oz leaving and coming back. I know they had their reasons out of their control but it felt like he came back to soon almost.
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  8. It's mad how many UK channels have aired Buffy - BBC, Sky One, C5, Syfy and now E4
  9. I've halfway into rewatching season 2 and I'd forgotten how much I loved Kendra. I wish we had gotten more of her before, well you know...
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  10. Forgot how hot Xander is in The Wish, and what a great season 3 is.
  11. The thing I remember most about season 3 is they put the
    “Faith you killed a man”
    “I don’t care”
    Bit in almost every ‘previously on’ for the last half of the season
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  12. That is INGRAINED into my brain. I think about it at least once a day.
    (what a moment though)
  13. My favourite was when for one episode that’s all the previously on consisted of. Short and concise.

    Edit: actually I’m getting confused! It was the episode after Giles gets fired where the previously on was just “you’re fired”.
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  14. Faith’s introduction to going bad to eventual redemption (that bit where she breaks down in the rain in Angel) was quite the arc
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  15. Jenny Calendar's death is never not excruciating.

    And Angel lapping up Buffy and Willow's turmoil all like...
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  16. Faith SHOULDN'T have fucking cared. The dude was evil, she didn't mean to, she is responsible for saving the fucking world. Buffy was a sanctimonious b at times. See also when she was going to voluntarily go to prison in s6 when the trio tricked her into thinking she killed Warren's ex. Nonsense. Letting the hellmouth fuck up while you rot in jail just to keep your sense of moral superiority? She was consistent though I suppose.
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  17. I will never not stan Faith.
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  18. They should have brought back Bianca Lawson as Kendra/The First in Season 7. She literally does not age and having a Slayer that died on Buffys time taunting them would have been better than Buffy/The First for the hundredth time.

    A Buffy/Kendra/Faith scene would have been EVERYTHING!
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  19. I love Faith, but the guy was still human, and that still makes it wrong. Sure, he was working for the Mayor, but I think that fear had a lot to do with it, and I believe he was trying to tell them about his plans. How exactly did she save the world by killing him?

    Plus, Ted showed that Buffy would always have issues with using her abilities to her humans, so that season 6 episode was a great to show how hard it'd be for her, without making it actually happen.

    Also, this is interesting:
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