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Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by ADolla, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. I wish I had access to Angel as I embark on S4 of Buffy at some point this week.

    Watched the Graduating Class of Sunnydale High unite as an army to take on The Mayor was as thrilling now as it was when I first saw it. A shame Faith's disappeared off into a coma.
  2. Angel managed to take the less developed characters of Sunnydale (Cordelia and Wesley) and grow them into complex and likeable characters from the one-note supporting characters they had been in Buffy.

    Add to the mix Boreanaz getting to actually show emotions and the different sides of Angel, and the excellent casting for Fred and Gunn, and you got magic. During the year Joss spread himself too thinly (Buffy 6/ Angel 4/ Firefly only), Angel was the best show due to the cast, the storyline and the fact David Greenwalt could keep a coherent show running while Joss made Firefly change its tune every 5 minutes and Marti Noxon sucked half of the life out of Buffy.
  3. Just finished season 3 and the Graduation episodes had me on edge just as much as they did when I first watched them all those years ago. If the Lord has mercy and they go back to fix the HD I wouldn’t say no to polishing up the CGI of big snake Mayor.

    Jumping into season 4 now and I’m going to watch it like I did back in the day. One episode of Buffy followed by an episode of Angel. I feel like I’m 15 again.
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  4. I think Marti is a good writer but a shit show runner. I wonder what it would have been like is he gave that title to lets say Jane Espenson or David Fury instead.
  5. Now that I’m on Season 4, I’m also watching both Buffy & Angel in sync. I never got beyond Season 2 of Angel in its initial run, so I’m excited to finally see its evolution.

    Also, rewatching the end of Season 3, I’d forgotten we didn’t get Graduation Day Part 2 until 2 months after Part 1, and The WB didn’t announce the delay until the day before it was originally set to air. 12 year old me was LIVID!!!
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  6. For everyone planning a rewatch of angel and Buffy in sync, this list works really well. It is sequenced so that each crossover episode is in order but It also keeps the narrative of important storylines completely intact.

  7. I also started rewatching the shows, I haven't in YEARS so I am excited. I forgot how cringy sound effects were of season 1 haha. Also, for some reason I thought Xander was funny as a kid but now I kind of can't stand him, he is so annoying 99% of the time.
  8. I’d forgotten how Professor Walsh gave me such Mrs Voorhees/Loomis vibes.
  9. Rewatching season 6 whilst also coming across photos of James Marsters bare bum from deleted scenes. A very good day.
  10. I’m going to need receipts
  11. image0.jpeg image1.jpeg image2.jpeg
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  12. I really enjoyed s1 of Angel and loved the dark, moody PI aesthetic, minimalist cast. But the show kinda lost its mystique for me after S1 and I just couldn’t get into it. I also started to dislike Angel as a protagonist pretty quickly post S2.

    I only remember enjoying the Faith arc (which was incredible) and the various BTVS crossovers.

    I think 12 YO me was just too obsessed with Buffy to be able to enjoy Angel and I think I unfairly blamed Buffy’s dip in quality on Angel taking up all the resources .Thinking maybe I should give Angel a rewatch and see if my opinion changes.

    In other news...

    Justice for Charisma!
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  13. I know its blasphemy and 16year old me would vehemently disagree, but my last rewatch made me prefer Angel over Buffy. I guess I am now leading more that lifestyle of thirtysomething trying to make ends meet in the big city against all corporate odds as opposed to high-schooler in suburbia.
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  14. I've heard from numerous people in recent years that they actually prefer Angel to Buffy, and it catches me by surprise every time. Like @Nwonder, I gave up on Angel quite early because I found it too focused on the humor and really missed the heart of Buffy, and I also struggled getting invested in Angel as a leading man; he's always been quite boring to me as a character. I just found Angel shared a lot more in common with Charmed at the time than Buffy, and the campiness quickly wore thin for me.

    That said, having heard so many sing the show's praises in the years since, with most citing that the show found its stride long after I initially tuned out, is the reason I've been so excited to finally give it a rewatch and actually finish it.
  15. I felt like Angel really hit its peak at season 2 and 3. I enjoyed it much more when It became an ensemble piece. The 4th season is a mess. I also hated what Joss did to Cordelia, Fred & Anya in the end.
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  16. Angel better than Buffy?

  17. I know it's not that popular, but I've always liked Bad Eggs.

  18. Mine is I Robot, You Jane. Yes the tech is very dated and the robot monster cheesy yet I find the witty dialogue really hitting its stride. Also Reptile Boy which I used to hate I now find pretty decent. I'm trash. Inca Mummy Girl still found mummified in a ditch. Yuck.
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  19. Rewatching Buffy now that it’s available on More 4 and wow... it really is incredible isn’t it?

    I’ve loved it since like 1998 when I was only four or five years old and I’m fairly sure Buffy is why I turned out gay - stanning strong, sassy women since the beginning.

    And in what I know is hardly an original take, season three, closely followed by season two, are without a doubt ‘peak slaying’ for me. The right combination of over-arching storylines, monsters of the week, and teenage angst.
  20. Almost tempted to skip any Initiative based episodes in S4...
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