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Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by ADolla, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. I like that episode actually. I just don't like the redemption arc that Andrew gets. He doesn't really deserve it.

    So, I'm nearly done with Angel season 1 and I hate it. I never really liked Angel, but I don't think I saw every episode. I'm doing a Buffy rewatch and thought I'd start watching Angel again once I got to Buffy season 4. I just don't like anything that I've seen so far. I feel like Cordelia isn't the Cordelia that I loved in Buffy. Even when Buffy crosses over into Angel, I feel like she's not the same Buffy.

    Please tell me Angel gets better! I don't know if I can do four more seasons of this.
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  2. Much, MUCH better. Season 2 and 3 of ‘Angel’ are better than Season 4, 6 and 7 of ‘Buffy. Easily.
  3. I do think Seasons 2 & 3 of Angel are much better than 1. I think it really takes a bit to find a rhythm.

    That said, I’m near the end of Season 4 and it’s a mess by this point.
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  4. I love Season 4 of ‘Angel’, the three arcs (Beast/Cordy/Jasmine) are great, it’s just they make no sense being connected to each other at all.
  5. Angel Season 2 and 3 are just amazing. Once they move into the hotel and Fred joins it finds its place.

    I’ve nearly finished season 4 of Buffy and just got through the ‘Superstar’ episode. A whole episode dedicated to Jonathan and just trash. I guess I have more of that crap to look forward to when I get to the season with ‘The Trio’
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  6. I actually think it's one of the better episodes from the lackluster back half of season 7. I do agree that having an Andrew focused one so close to the finale when the show was not developing its main characters was possibly not the best move though.
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  7. I hate how they just didn’t try with Faith in the last few episodes of ‘Buffy’. Her final three episode arc in ‘Angel’? Iconic. Her first episode in Season 7 (Dirty Girls). Brilliant. And then they just don’t do anything with her. She becomes a tad whiny and meh.
  8. The episode Dirty Girls is so underrated in my opinion. That opening introducing Caleb, Faith and Buffy's shade to each other in the cemetery "luckily you still punch like you use to", Faith and Spike's hot as hell chemistry in the cellar, "Glitter" and of course what happens to Xander.

    It's kinda a shame Drew Goddard couldn't have joined in season 6.
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  9. It’s actually one of my favourites from the entire run of the show.
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  10. I LOVE the Beast stuff - their best villain - but I just have zero interest in anything Conner-related, yet alone the Conner/Cordy mess.
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  11. I've gotten my friend to start watching while she's staying with me. I'm so excited for the journey she's about to go on!
  12. Angel's fourth season is my favorite season of anything ever. I absolutely love all of it. I totally understand the criticism and think it's valid. It just didn't bother me. I think it was the first show I'd seen where every single episode connected to the next before shows like Lost popularized the serial format (not saying it was the actual first to do that, just the first I had seen).
  13. Season 4 of Angel is a hot mess. The Conor/Cordy romance sticks out the most - there was something so icky about it. But, I liked the big apocalyptic vibe it had, and some moments were really great. I especially loved the Fred centric episode The Magic Bullet because it gave her the chance to save the day solo.
  14. Dirty Girls is great. I wish the writers would have upped the stakes like that earlier in the season; reintroducing Faith, hurting one of Buffy's own (RIP Xander's eye), and giving us a tangible villain to fight. It got me so excited for the last few episodes of the season... and then Empty Places came along and gave us the worst scene in Buffy's history that still makes my blood boil to this day.

    ANYWAY. Dirty Girls deserves to be mentioned alongside Selfless, Conversations with Dead People, and Chosen as the best episodes of season 7.
  15. My parents and I have started our long-awaited Buffy re-watch last night. Whenever I go over there a couple times a week we'll be doing like 2 to 4 episodes per night because a lot of our regular fall TV shows are going to be super delayed due to covid.
  16. Have we ever talked about how distracting Caleb’s washed denim is?!

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  17. [​IMG]

    Caleb could get it though ddddd
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  18. I mean Nathan Fillion can always get it.

    Nearly at the end of my rewatch and just wishing they hadn’t packed all the Caleb/Faith stuff into these final episodes. These are great arcs that could have really given more of Season 7 the punch it really needed.
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  19. Season 4 of Angel should not have turned out as well as it did- first the new executive producer left whilst filming the premiere, then Charisma’s pregnancy meant the whole arc had to be quickly rewritten, including new additions to the cast. It’s a testament to the writers that what we were left was so brilliant at times.

    I actually count Storyteller as one of the better episodes of S7 of Buffy- the comedy nuggets are sheer gold (Buffy winking at the camera as she makes cornflakes, Andrew’s version of Willow’s attack etc). I still feel that the highlights of S7- Selfess, Conversations, Lies My Parents Told Me, Dirty Girls- are among Buffy’s best.
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  20. I despise Andrew.
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