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Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by ADolla, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. Knowing David’s history, I’m surprised it took so long for this to happen ddd. My original thirst trap.
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  2. I’m most of the way through my first rewatching the in over a decade and I’m kinda gob smacked at how creepy both Xander and Spike are.

    Imagine Spike’s season 5 arc airing these days!
  3. Xander is a literally one of those Red Pill meninists before they existed. It's creepy.
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  4. Xander is the fucking WORST. It bothers me that there’s people in the fandom that hold up his character as something admirable.
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  5. I decided to watch Angel all the way through as I had only ever watched it casually, but season 2 is such a slog. How many times can Joss do the whole ‘hero ditches their sidekicks’ motif? The payoff never really makes it worth it.
  6. Cordy forgiving Angel instantly because he bought her fashionable, new clothes was both Frustrating and Iconic.
  7. I've tried to get into Angel twice and both times I gave up somewhere in the middle of season 2. I just... don't think it's very good.
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  8. Angel hits its stride in the third season, which for a show that has 22 episodes per season, is too long of a wait.
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  9. Angel season 2 is my favourite season of the whole Buffyverse. All the stuff with Pylea, Darla/Drusilla and Lindsey/Lilah is all fantastic. I do agree that Angel is especially annoying this season though.
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  10. I have such a special place in my heart for Season 1 of ‘Angel’. I loved the set/office and Angel/Cordy/Doyle was an iconic trio and The Faith stuff was brilliant and I loved all the stand alones. Season 1 had a lightness that the others didn’t and the Season doesn’t get the dues it deserves.
  11. Yeah for the most part season 1 was very enjoyable, the cast has great chemistry together. I just don’t find Darla and Drusilla frightening or interesting past their run on Buffy and the less David Boreanaz has to struggle through an Irish accent the better.
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  12. Season 1 was very episodic detective show, there were a few brilliant episodes. Season 2 starts slowly but halfway through the character of Angel stops giving a fuck, and as Drusilla says "Daddy's home!" It really picks up.
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  13. I love introducing friends to this show. They are currently getting through Lost then going to start this.

  14. Ok I only watched like 2 mins of that interview. He is just disgusting. Please tell me he isn't still interviewing people like that? How did she stay there and answered all those gross questions and didn't walk out
  15. Howard Stern has changed dramatically over the last few years, but that was his schtick, unfortunately. He was a “shock jock”, and everyone pretty much knew what the interviews with him would entail.

    The Emma Caulfield interview was way worse. They basically bashed and objectified her the entire time.
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  16. Okay I will say after the mid season slog the Pylea episodes are a great finish to season 2.
  17. My fiancé surprised me for my birthday today with this Buffy cake. I’m gagged!
  18. Wait what have I missed?
  19. David has been sexting left, right and centre (to nobody's surprise, after all the details about his marital infidelity came out) and "alleged videos" of him have been surfacing. I've desperately tried not to look.
  20. Can confirm that they aren't alleged.
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