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Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by ADolla, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. Got tired of waiting for a company to press this on vinyl, so getting it custom done (with a few extra tracks thrown in)

  2. Sugar Water. What a classic!
  3. The US pressing of Radio Sunnydale was such a flop compared to what the hunties in the UK got.
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  4. I remember getting Sarah McLachlan's album for that one track. They also didn't include Prayer of St Francis in the European version of Radio Sunnydale.

    I see this is missing from the tracklist?
  5. The Sarah track is truly iconic Buffy, isn’t it? Charge didn’t fit on the side it would have been on and I always skipped it on the CD, so axed it. Soz haha
  6. Hey Folks,
    Don't know if you're interested but we interviewed Dagney Kerr "Kathy" recently.
    She had some great insight into her time of Buffy, Desperate Housewives and other prime time shows.
    Here it is if you want to check it out...
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  7. I did the exact same thing with the Sarah track. It was just such an iconic moment in the show and the song gave the perfect emotion.

    I remember, as a child, thinking it was the end of the show as a whole and therefore the moment and song hit harder than it would’ve done if I’d have known.
  8. My favourites were always It Doesn't Matter and Nothing But You.

    Dddd @ how out of place Twilight Zone is on that album (but an iconic scene no doubt).
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  9. Doublemeat Palace kinda has a lot of replay value teebs. There’s a few good one-off episodes in the sixth season despite it being a bit shit.
  10. My sister and I still quote "what about the cherry pie" to each other, 20 years later.
  11. Season six is the best season of the show.
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  12. Not sure I’ve ever seen such a wrong opinion. It’s undoubtedly the worst season of the show, maybe facing some competition from 1 and 7.
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  13. If I'm wrong I don't wanna be right xx.

    But I just love how dark it is, and as heavy-handed as the metaphors are, they work for me.
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  14. The worst season is easily 7. Buffy giving an insufferable speech every single episode, Spike getting way too much of a focus, Giles being a dick, the characters never leaving the bloody house and the scoobies kicking Buffy out of her own house!!
  15. I'm pretty sure it's an episode highly regarded by @Robsolete too.
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  16. Watched Inca Mummy Girl today, and whew. That episode did not age too well. Some of Cordelia’s mocking dialogue is cringe. Also, Nicholas Brendon was quite cute in the early days of the show before he got bloated/busted looking.
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  17. It’s always been one of the worst episodes (as the Xander-centric episodes so often are), and Nicholas was always a prime hottie for me while the show was on.
  18. I started season 6 and my god, I forgot how bad those 3 morons were. They aren't even funny, just juvenile, cringe and simply dumb, ugh!
  19. I have a lot of time for season 6, probably because I only came to it properly when I was in my early 20s. Has its fair share of missteps but I like the disorientating what-is-my-life early adulthood vibe.
  20. I think Nick looked his best from around seasons two through four. He was better than David Boreanaz looks wise, anyway.


    Aaand, I agree that Xander’s episodes tend to be a bit on the boring or uninteresting side. Except for Hell’s Bells. That’s a good one.
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