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Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by ADolla, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. Reading through Evan Ross Katz book and it's really depressing to think that this show that we loved wasn't a great place to work.

    Joss Whedon seems like a monster. Reading that Emma Caulfield feeling Anya was killed off without any big deal being made was a massive fuck you to her. I wonder who it was that Amber Benson was having issue with on the show as well.

  2. Is the book overall juicy enough to be worth it?
  3. Not really.

    I've enjoyed the 1 season per chapter story but a lot of the story is affected by the revelations and I just don't think the writer has the ability to go deep enough with this kind of thing. It just reads a bit weird being like 'the writing was incredible, season 3 really was the pinnacle, also Joss put Marsters up against a wall and apparently threatened him, not onto season 4 [somehow insert Mandy Moore reference].'
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  4. I definitely wouldn’t say it’s “juicy” or that it really reveals that much more than we already know, but he does have a very good rapport with many of the cast and crew he interviewed, so there are some candid moments in those talks that were really worth diving into.
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  5. BTG


    I don’t want to be accused of being a hater again but there were rumours of Alyson and Amber not getting along even back then.
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  6. HATER.

    I kid, I kid. I haven't heard that rumor at all but Amber being one of the most vocal voices towards concerns about Joss and Alyson seemingly being one of his last supporters, maybe they weren't super aligned/vibed well during the show.
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  7. I was just rewatching the musical and damn - as awful as Joss is, he really wrote hit after hit after hit for that episode, huh.

    Under Your Spell, I'll Never Tell, Rest In Peace, Standing, the reprises and Walk Through The Fire?

    A shame about the climax being Something To Sing About, I always found this one a bit... irritating.
  8. I’m enjoying a season 5 rewatch of Angel but oh my god, what crap is the Cautionary Numero Cinqo episode? I remember liking season 5 but it clearly gets off to a slow start.
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  9. Season 5 of Angel is so much better in the second half, though I do still spend most of it missing Cordelia.
  10. Poor Cordy got done so dirty, the way she’d become a totally fleshed out character and went out.. like that
  11. BTG


    Nathan Fillion has been a blatant asshole for years. The internet simply forgave him because… he’s a basic white man? Who’d have thought?
  12. Good luck booking those jobs you speak of

  13. I won't lie I love the epsiode "You're Welcome" that ending gets my to my soulless heart every single time. Having said that how they treated her character in season 4 was pretty disgusting.
  14. I haven’t seen it in years. But the show felt so off without Cordelia. The quality was more consistent than Season 4, but it just didn’t feel right without her. It was actually quite depressing how they were trying to sweep her character under the rug. The disrespect!
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  15. Not to be a negative nancy but why does she always pick the worst projects. Someone please get her on a good show.
  16. Dddd seriously. I mean I'm sure it isn't down to her and she'd obviously take better roles if they were offered, I'm more annoyed at Hollywood for basically abandoning her. With all the limited series being made, you'd think someone would have reached out to get her in something better by now. She deserves it.
  17. I seriously wanted her in White Lotus season 2 and instead she's in...this. What the hell. Popinjustice.
  18. She would have been amazing in American Horror Story in some of the earlier seasons.
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