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Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by ADolla, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. A teen wolf spin-off…..a cheque is a cheque I guess.
  2. Sarah is so talented. She needs her flowers.

    I never watched Teen Wolf. I did like Ringer and The Crazy Ones.
  3. I haven't watched Teen Wolf but know the general premise/plot because of various YouTube videos, so will probably watch this for her.
  4. Sarah would be willing to do a Buffy revival if Joss Whedon wasn't a horrible human being that's what I'm getting from this casting
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  5. I guess it's cool she's doing a supernatural show again but i don't know about this. At least this is actually guaranteed to be picked up?
  6. I loved her performances in The Air I Breathe and Veronika Decides To Die, storylines a bit ropey but she sold it but she really picked some questionable roles and it’s a shame.
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  7. Teen Wolf is one of the shows that’s somehow found a whole new life on streaming right? The show had largely fizzled out on MTV by the end but there seems to be enough momentum for the original cast movie and a new spin off.

    I agree that SMG deserves something a little more prestigious but can’t be sad that she’ll be picking up some regular work.
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  8. BTG


    I mean, I’m sure part of it is down to Hollywood‘s limited roles for women in their 40s but I think Sarah pretty much stopped auditioning after the sitcom with Robin was cancelled, and then the Cruel Intentions series wasn’t picked up. She probably expected both to be fun (and well paid) jobs for her for a number of years. And when they didn’t work out, she just took time to raise her family.

    She said in a recent interview that she was ready to return to acting… I just didn’t expect something like this to be her first project dddd. But whatever, if it gets her noticed again, it’s all good.
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  9. Yeah, Sarah is a much better actress than I think she herself or the industry is giving her credit for... a Teen Wolf spin off, when she'd eat on something like The White Lotus.
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  10. It's not too late to try doing a Cruel Intentions series. Give the gays what they want, you cowards.
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  11. BTG


    Kathryn touching herself and imagining Sebastian while Florence plays in the background is peak television.

    Recast Annette with a different iconic 90s actress if Reese says no and have at it.
  12. That pilot should have bagged its self a full series order on The CW atleast!
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  13. This does seem to be true, which is insane to me, because look at the material in Buffy alone! She's fantastic in it. Deserved all the Emmys. One isn't enough. I really need to watch more stuff she's in.
  14. Not surprising considering we haven't heard anything in ages.

  15. I could not agree with this anymore. I hate the fact that her career has really stalled over the last 10 years. She's a killer actress and I would easily put on her on par with Reece Witherspoon who still lands great roles. Sarah deserves something worthy that she can actually sink her teeth into as an actress.
  16. Did they even approach Reese for that series? I doubt they could afford her.

    The clips I've seen had "cancelled after four episodes" written all over them.
  17. BTG


    No, they didn’t approach her because Annette was going to recur throughout and Reese definitely wasn’t going to be signing a network TV contract.

    It’s why they should’ve at least cast stunt cast the part with an Alicia Silverstone type and they’d at least have got a full season order and then cancelled.
  18. The whole press release and series of initial announcements were premature, confused disasters which I don’t think they were ever going to easily recover from.

    Controversial opinion? The only return to the Buffverse that I’d be particularly keen to see would be a loose adaptation of the Fray graphic novel. Setting something so far in the future would allow them to take the central themes but apply them to completely different settings and have no real frame of reference for comparison against Buffy.
  19. While it's not the only return I'd wanna see (I think a show following a slayer way in the past would be cool too) I would absolutely love a Fray adaptation. It's what she deserves.
  20. You’d think Sarah being friends with Reece that Reece would give her a role in something she’s producing.
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