Busted - Greatest Hits 2.0 + General Discussion

Radio is the best song here.

Good album but loses it's way half way(!) - No.1 album would be great for them if they can manage it. Too rocky for me...more pop needed.
It's dropped down to number 10 in the mid-weeks for this week. I'm actually impressed with this - not the drop that I expected considering it peaked so well in week 1.
A tour seems most likely as the email sign up links to TEG Live Europe.

It'd be nice to see the debut re-released in an expanded edition, and maybe some new music too. Their most recent albums were great.
Presenters of The One Show teased that Busted will be on tomorrow (March 23) with 'exciting news', and the D**ly M**l are reporting a 15-date tour in September (supported by Hanson and New Hope Club), plus an album featuring remakes of their hits with appearances from All Time Low and McFly.
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"Loser Kid 2.0" with Simple Plan out April 14 according to Amazon.
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Another new photo from their Spotify banner:


Here are the solo shots they're using as profile pictures in better quality too:



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It’s weird this is being billed as a reunion for the 20th anniversary when their last album was released in 2019 and their 20th anniversary was last year.
I wonder why they didn’t try make a new original album, especially if they went into to the studio to re-record their old songs with other artists.

Then rather come back for a reunion of their 25th anniversary.