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Busted - Half Way There

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Music City Queen, Oct 26, 2018.

  1. [​IMG]

    1. Nineties
    2. Reunion
    3. What Happened To Your Band
    4. Shipwrecked in Atlantis
    5. Race To Mars
    6. All My Friends
    7. MIA
    8. Radio
    9. Nostalgia
    10. It Happens

    Pre-order now at busted.tmstor.es
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  2. Album is out today. So glad they went back to their original sound. I think it could end up being my favourite album from them.

    Also surprised to see it at #5 Australia iTunes with no promo here.
  3. The album is better than I thought it would be. They seem to talk about the 'Busted' experience (Whatever Happened To Your Band and It Happens) which adds to the bittersweet nostalgic feeling that's present throughout the album. I still wish they'd continue with the Night Driver sound, but this isn't bad at all.
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  4. Is 'What Happened to your Band' the same as the McBusted song?!
  5. Yeah, it is. I believe there's another version by Son of Dork which was never released too.
  6. That seems a bit weird. I mean, it was clearly about Busted, but to rerelease it when most Busted fans have probably heard it....
  7. Maybe it was always meant to be a Busted song but they never had the chance to record it many years ago when they split up.

    I like the song so don’t mind having another version.
  8. I think James wrote it about the Busted split, so it does make sense to include it here. It fits well sonically too. It's just a shame the song has been done to death already.

    I had a listen to the album and I was pleasantly surprised! I was a big fan back in the day but was worried this would sound juvenile, but I think it strikes a nice balance.
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  9. The album feels like what they should have released instead of Night Driver (don't get me wrong, I do like that album - I'm talking about timing). It was when people were anticipating hearing more Busted and they got a different take on the band.

    What Happened To Your Band really perplexed me when I saw it initially and on hearing it first time I was even more confused as it's so similar. Saying that, the second listen it fits so nicely into the album and just makes sense. It always felt like it was a Busted song as opposed to a McBusted song.
  10. See, I really liked Night Driver, so this has felt a bit like a step backwards, but I need to give it a proper listen I think. But I agree it should maybe have been the third album.
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  11. Inland Empire

    Inland Empire Staff Member

    Wow, this album’s totally exceeded my expectations. The nostalgia factor is a bit heavy handed, but it still feels completely honest which makes a change from all the manufactured co-opting of nostalgia that’s been floating around recently. It’s just an absolute joy to listen to and weirdly comforting despite being very reflective.

    And Radio is really getting to me right now. I liked it before, but hearing it as pretty much the climax of the album makes it even more heartbreaking.
  12. This is definitely what their 3rd album should of been.

    Hopefully they get the number 1 album.
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  13. They are number 1 in the mid-weeks but they are only 600 copies ahead. I'm sure they will be doing everything within their power to get it this week.
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  14. Indeed, they've already sent out the "We need YOUR help!" emails to their mailing list, haha. It will be nice to see them at #1 though. I didn't realise they never had one.
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  15. This has been such a pleasant surprise. None of the promo singles "worked" for me, but in the context of an album, this all sounds really good. It's such a mature progression of their classic sound.

    I can't echo enough how foolish they were not to go in this direction for album number three.
  16. This. I liked Night Driver but it was never going to have commercial success because it just wasn't the Busted the GP knew and loved. I can't help wondering how things would have gone if they'd released this instead, particularly with the X Factor slot which was kind of wasted at the time.
  17. Inland Empire

    Inland Empire Staff Member

    Are they pushing Radio at all? I don't think it's out of the question for it to be a moderate hit when Westlife could get to #13.
  18. SBK


    Its on Radio 2.

    I loved Night Driver, not really feeling this album at the moment. Also getting a bit tired of their (well James') desperation on Twitter.

    They're heading for #3 by the looks of it now. The Specials have overtaken them and The Greatest Showman is increasing at a rate they're unlikely to match - not for the want of trying though. They've reduced the album right down to £4.99 on iTunes, Amazon and their site.
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  19. Seriously, though, when will The Greatest Showman die?
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  20. That's a shame that it's slipped, but no shame in falling behind The Specials - who probably have a much more diverse and wider audience - and something like The Greatest Showman, which despite baffling me with the continued success, has been one of the most successful soundtracks in recent years.
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