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Buying / Renting / Sharing Housing

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by scottdisick94, Oct 29, 2019.

  1. Oligarchs
  2. I live in a sort of suburb in Rotterdam and we literally got a letter from an investment company to buy us out for this X amount and a neighbouring house did. Now they are selling that house for more than 40% extra they bought the previous owner out from.

    And they sold the house within a week...

    I... this house market bubble is back. And though I did not own a house in 2009 during the first crash it feels like a worse climate now. Especially as one would think something would have been done about it.
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  3. Honestly, the Netherlands is so fucked regarding housing... Except in the far East. Buying this house is the best thing that happened to me in the last 3 years and I wouldn’t trade it for the world - I got really lucky being single and finding/ getting this, I saved a lot for it since being 16 and now could finally out it somewhere.

    I do feel sorry for all my single friends unable to save due high rents and not getting mortgages due student debts.
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  4. Anyone experiencing EWS1 hell because mortgage lenders don’t fancy following the guidelines?
  5. We've already experienced this with our apartment block because of the goddamn cladding fiasco.
  6. We live two roads back from a beach road where the old 60s beachfront 2-bed bungalows sell for about £1-1.5m each, only to be immediately razed and fancy-pants new builds crop up and sell for thrice as much.

    It's turning into a bit of a wanker millionaire's strip. The beach doesn't even have sand.
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  7. There was a week delay but I’ve been in the property 2 months now, yay!

    Just to reiterate conveyancing solicitors are fucking useless.
  8. I’m getting very close to simply giving up and not even bothering to save for a property anymore. It seems like unless you live at home for 5 years and / or have an incredibly high paying job, it is simply impossible to save the 20k + needed to buy a property.
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  9. I managed to buy my property (2 bed flat) in Scotland using the LIFT scheme and a deposit of £6k. My mortgage is 60% of the property value and I have the option to buy the other 40%.

    Not sure if it would work for everyone, and there's more to it than I've mentioned, but I'm so grateful for this scheme and it meant I managed to get on the property ladder at 30. Something as a single person I'd never thought I'd be able to do.
  10. I’m really interested to see what rates come about in the next few months for the re introduction of 95% mortgages. I’m looking to buy around Christmas time (luckily in the North East I’m looking at about 180/190k for a 3 bed semi detached in a reasonably good area). But the rates coming in at the moment seem a long way off where they were 2019.
  11. Second that. The Help2Buy/Shared Ownership scheme in England has its own share of pitfalls, but is a god-send if you don't have much in terms of starting capital.
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